CIVL Feature Review

January 16, 2017

CIVL Volunteer extraordinaire Becca Lee reviews Kara Golemba’s Every Little Light:


Tell us about a specific song that stands out on this record, and why it is worth noting: ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ stands out because it’s a cover. They make it their own, so if you listen to it, it sounds like they could have written it. It’s also worth noting because they have a video of the song showing all five members of the band playing the same guitar – that makes the song sound amazing.

Tell us how the record progresses from one song to the next: Once you listen to their first song, it sounds amazing and makes you listen to the next song, and it keeps going into that same pattern, thats how the album progresses from one song to the next

Tell us why you dislike certain songs or parts of the record more than others: I like the song Summer Vibes. It’s better than the other summer songs because it has a good beat to dance to, and the sound is upbeat and has its own unique way that the other songs don’t have.

Tell us who you think would like this band, record, or any of these songs: Anyone who likes up beat, workout music, and party music would like this band.

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