AGM March 2013

CIVL Annual General Meeting Minutes 21 March 2013

Attended by: Swinder Pal Singh (Director), Darren Ollinger (Treasurer), Dustin Ellis

(President), Ed Wilson (Programmer), Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Adam Nathe

(Director), Johnny Komitoudis (Director), John McLoughlon (Volunteer), Jeff Stackhouse

(UFV Student), Russell Arbuthnot (Director, UFV Student), Greg Aitken (Secretary, UFV



1 Call to Order

2 Adopt Agenda

3 Review Minutes March 2012 AGM

4 Financial/Treasurer’s Report

5 Election of Directors

6 New Business

Community members pay their fees to Aaron prior to meeting commencement.

1 Call to order 5:34pm, Dustin.

2 Motion to adopt the Agenda.

Motion to amend the Agenda to include item 6 New Business. Moved by Ed,

Johnny. All in favour, motion carried.

Motion to adopt the Agenda as amended. Moved by Ed, Adam. All in favour, motion


CIVL AGM Minutes 2012-03-09

3 Motion to approve the Minutes of 9 March 2012 Annual General Meeting as

presented. Moved by Adam, Johnny. All in favour, motion carried.

4 Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report (see attached). Moved by Johnny, Adam. All in

favour except Darren, who abstains, motion carried, 2013/14 Budget approved.

Swinder leaves the meeting to fulfil another obligation 6:15pm.

5 Motion to appoint Johnny Komitoudis, not seeking re-election, as Elections

Officer. Moved by Ed. All in favour, motion carried.

Sydney Lamirand nominated by Dustin based upon email communication (read aloud by


Jeff, Russell, Dustin nominated in person.

Tavleen Sahota nominated herself in conversation at the previous Board Meeting and was

intending to attend but was accidentally misdirected by Aaron. When asked by Tavleen if

there was a Programming Meeting tonight, Aaron correctly responded `no`.

Motion by Johnny that all of the candidates be elected by acclamation. Seconded by

Ed. All in favour except Johnny, who abstains as the Elections Officer. Motion carried.

Motion to ratify the election results. Moved by Johnny, Dustin. All in favour, motion carried.

Jeff Stackhouse, Russell Arbuthnot, Tavleen Sahota, Dustin Ellis and Sydney Lamirand are

hereby Directors duly elected for two year terms on this Board.

6 Ed asks about bulletin board, housekeeping issues and Aaron suggests a Vice Chair or

Vice President normally assists in these matters, selected from the Directors of the Board.

Motion to revisit this idea at the next Board Meeting, when the division of officers will be

determined. Moved by Adam. All in favour, motion carried.

7 Motion to adjourn, 7pm. Moved by Dustin, John. All in favour, meeting adjourned.