April 2 2014

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes  2 April 2014  by Greg Aitken

Attended by Greg Aitken (outgoing Secretary), Adam Nathe (volunteer), Russell Arbuthnot (outgoing President), Curtis Klooster (volunteer), Brandon Greaves (incoming SUS delegate), Sydney Lamirand (Director), Robin Pittman (incoming Treasurer), Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Swinder Pal Singh (incoming Secretary), Rajnish Dwahan (Director), Jonathan Hughes (incoming President)


1  Agenda

2  Minutes

3  Election of Officers

4  NCRA Conference Attendee Selection Process

5  Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Membership

6  Technical Purchasing

7  Heat Contract

8  Extraordinary General Meeting

9  Student Union Society Board Seat

10  BC Gaming Grant Application

11  Adjournment

Call to Order, 5:44pm, Russell.

1  Motion to approve the Agenda as presented.  Moved by Russell.  All in favour, motion approved.

2  Motion to adopt the Minutes of 19 March 2014 (as taken by Sydney Lamirand) as presented.  Moved by Greg.  All in favour except Russell, who abstains.  Motion approved.

3  Officers Election.  After declaring his interest in running for office, Russell leaves, passing the Chair to Sydney at 6:08pm.

Motion to appoint Jonathan for President, Swinder for Secretary and Robin for Treasurer of the Society.  Moved by Rajnish.  All in favour, motion approved.

Upon request, the Chair passes to Jonathan at 6:15pm.

4  NCRC 2-6 June 2014 in Victoria (relatively close)

Motion to appoint a subcommittee including Aaron, Sydney and Swinder to determine who will receive funding to attend the 2014 NCRA Conference.  Moved by Jonathan.  All in favour, motion passed.

5  Motion to join the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce at an annual cost of $239.  Moved by Swinder.  All in favour, motion approved.

6  Discussion regarding purchasing a used sound board, and about improving podcast quality.

7  Heat radio broadcast contract discussion in advance of the opt-out deadline of 31 May 2014.

8  Motion to schedule an Extraordinary General Meeting for 5:45pm 30 April 2014 (with a follow-up attempt on 7 May 2014) for the purpose of appointing an Auditor.  Moved by Sydney.  All in favour, motion approved.

9  Motion to appoint Brandon Greaves as CIVL representative on the Board of the UFV Student Union Society.  Moved by Jonathan.  All in favour, motion approved.

10 Aaron investigating applying for a BC Gaming Grant for Chilliwack campus tower hardware.

11  Motion to adjourn.  Moved by Jonathan.  All in favour, meeting adjourned 7:03pm.