April 4th 2016

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 4 April 2016 by Greg Aitken

Attended by Sonja Klotz (President incoming, Vice President outgoing), Greg Aitken (Director, Secretary outgoing), Brandon Greaves (Director), Natalia Deros (V S), Panku Sharma (Director), Glen Swarnadhipathi (Secretary incoming), Mitch Huttema (Treasurer incoming), Eileen Mendez (Vice President incoming), Swinder pal Singh (Director), John Henderson (Director (via phone)), Rajneesh Dhawan (Director), Aaron Levy (Station Manager)

1 Call to Order
2 Adoption of Agenda
3 Acceptance of Minutes 21 March
4 BoD officer assignments/Board conduct brief
5 Executive Meetings option discussion
6 NCRA Conference Delegates call-out
7 In Camera Human Rights Policy Discussion (Labour)
8 Website Update
9 New Business
10 Adjournment

1 Call to Order, Sonja 6:12pm.

2 Motion to adopt the Agenda. Moved by Mitch, Panku. All in favour, motion passed.

3 Motion to approve the Minutes of 21 March as amended (attendee titles). Moved by Panku, Glen. All in favour, motion passed.

4 Aaron explains in-camera policy guidelines and Board Officer roles/duties.
Motion to appoint Sonja as President, Eileen as Vice President, Glen as Secretary and Mitch as Treasurer. Moved by Panku. All in favour, motion passed.

5 Executive Meetings: the week before or after Board Meetings, especially for when items need thorough/lengthy discussion.
Motion to hold regular Executive Meetings between Board meetings. Moved by Mitch. All in favour, motion passed.

6 NCRA Conference Delegates – Ottawa, June 2016
Motion to send Aaron, Mitch, Glen, and one other delegate to NCRC 2016, pending a one week call-out to volunteers (Aaron to administer). Moved by Eileen. All in favour, motion passed.

7 Motion to move in camera. Moved by Sonja. All in favour, motion passed 7:20pm. Exit in camera 7:48pm.
Rajneesh leaves the meeting 7:48pm.

8 None to report.

9 Student Union Society Board Representative. Motion to appoint Panku to represent CIVL at SUS Board Meetings and report to CIVL Board of Directors any matters of interest. Moved by Glen. All in favour, motion passed.

10 Motion to adjourn. Moved by Sonja. All in favour, meeting adjourned 7:53pm.