February 22nd 2016

Proposed agenda:
CIVL Board of Directors meeting
Feb 22, 2016, 5:30 pm, C1429

Call to order (sign attendance sheet)
John Henderson, Jonathan Hughes, Sonja Klotz, Joe Johnson, Brandon Greaves (via phone), Darren Ollinger (Volunteer)

Review and approve agenda
Moved by Sonja

Review and approve minutes
Moved by Joe

1. Station Manager report (Aaron)
a. In camera budget discussion
Moved to go in camera by Sonja

Motion from John Henderson to accept the proposed budget for 2016/17 as presented by the station manager, including labour adjustments.
Passed unanimously

Sonja moves to go out of camera

Motion to apply for a CRFC Youth on Air Grant to hire an intern to work in conjunction with the FVMA Coordinator, under direction of the Station Manager, to produce music/on air content relative to the Fraser Valley Music awards this summer.

Moved by Jonathan Hughes

2. Program Director report (Dave via Aaron)
3. Policy Committee update (Sonja)

Motion to adopt new BC Societies Act changes to CIVL By-laws at the March AGM.
Moved by Jonathan

4. Aaron’s employment review update (Jonathan)
26 reviews circulated to 20 random volunteers and 4 community members from those identified by Station Manager and 2 Board Members. Awaiting completion.

5. Website (Aaron)

Looked at options, CFRU and CJSW as a spectrum of options, considering RFP from CJSW, SM will confer with Tech Retainer and report at March meeting.

6. March AGM
a. Approve agenda
i. Call to order
ii. Adopt Agenda
iii. Accept Minutes
iv. President’s Report
v. Treasurer’s Report
Accept 2014/15 Audit
Approve Auditor 2015/16 Auditor
Accept 2016/17 Budget
vi. Board Election
` vii By-law amendments: Motion to adopt new BC Societies Act changes to CIVL By-laws at the March AGM.
viii. Adjournment

Motion to approve the AGM agenda as above
Moved by Jonathan Hughes
Vice President moves to strike a nominations committee consisting of VP, SM and one other board member, as well as a volunteer or two.
John Henderson moves to adopt both motions


Moved by Jonathan Hughes, unanimously approved until 1st AGM attempt, March 14th.