Jan 9 2013 Minutes

9 January 2013 CIVL Board Meeting Minutes


1  Approve Agenda

2  Approve Minutes 5 December 2012

3  Station Manager’s Report

4  Fundraising Coordinator’s Report

5  CIVL/UFV Memorandum of Agreement

a.  Committee

b.  Process

6  Annual General Meeting Preparation

a.  Recruiting

b.  Notice/Action

7  New Business

8  Adjourn



Greg Aitken (Secretary), Beau O’Neill (Programmer), Johnny Komitoudis (Director), Larry Portelance (Programmer), Sophia Suderman (Fundraising Coordinator), Swinder Pal Singh (Director), Dustin Ellis (President), Russell Arbuthnot (Director), Aaron Levy (Station Manager)


Call to Order 5:44pm, Dustin.

1  Motion to approve the Agenda.  Moved by Johnny.  All in favour, motion passed.

2  Motion to approve the Minutes of 5 December 2012 as amended.  Moved by Johnny.  All in favour, motion passed.

3  Station Manager’s Report – see attached.

Motion to adopt the Data Collection Systems Manual (filed in the Station Manager’s CRTC physical file, also on the Administration Drive/ Office folder) as presented.  Moved by Dustin.  All in favour except Russell, who abstains.

Budget presented, Aaron trying to set aside funds for Chilliwack broadcast with some success, mostly by spending less on advertising.

4  Fundraising Coordinator’s Report

Goal $5000 Revenue 50 x $100 Program Sponsorship =$5000; 3 x $300 Events = $900 less shortfall allowance -12% or $708 = $5192 Gross Gain

Stations usually spend 10% of fundraising revenue on merchandise give-aways and advertising.

Propose: Bus Advertisement $1200, 50 Shirts $500 Other Merchandise on hand, and Event ‘in-kind’ sponsorships.

5a Open Committee Meeting 16 January 5pm for brainstorming.

5b  Meeting 23 January with UFV Administration.  Results will be reviewed by CIVL Board at the following Board Meeting.

6a Johnny suggests creation of a public service announcement to recruit CIVL Student Board Members.  Discussion about enlisting assistance of UFV Faculty to recruit Student Directors as well.  Dustin, Sydney, Russell, Johnny, Darren due for re-election, plus two empty seats.

6b  Annual General Meeting for 14 and 21 March 2013 with posters up two weeks in advance.  Larry volunteers to poster CEP/TTC and Beau volunteers to poster Abbotsford Campus.

7  Cultural Diversity Award nominations due soon; Awards announced 15 March 2013.

8  Motion to adjourn until 5:00pm 6 February 2013.  Moved by Johnny.  All in favour, meeting adjourned.