January 15 2014

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 15 January 2014

Taken by Greg Aitken; also in attendance: Jeff Stackhouse (Director), Tavleen Sahota (Director, now Treasurer), Sydney Lamirand (Director), Swinder Pal Singh (Director), Adam Nathe (Director), Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Russell Arbuthnot (President), and Johnny Komitoudis (Volunteer)


1 Approve Agenda

2 Adopt Minutes 11 Dec 2013

3 Treasurer Appointment

4 Referendum Update

5 Witworks Consultation on Organizational Development

6 Station Manager’s Report

a Heat Update


c Audit Update

7 Programming Committee

8 New Business

9 Adjournment

Call to Order 5:55pm, Russell.

1 Motion to approve the Agenda. Moved by Russell. All in favour, motion passed.

2 Motion to adopt the Minutes of 11 December 2013 as amended. Moved by Russell. All in

favour, motion passed.

3 Motion to appoint Tavleen Sahota as Treasurer of the Society. Moved by Adam. All in favour except Tavleen, who abstains, motion passed.

4 UFV Registration Department will define referendum/survey policies for the future. Cascade Newspaper, CIVL Radio, and SUS will provide input.

5 Offer by WitWorks Consultant to assist with organizational development. Tabled/ under

consideration for next meeting.

6 Station Manager’s Report – see attached.

7 Motion to appoint Sydney Lamirand and Sam Costinak to the Programming

Committee. Moved by Jeff. All in favour, motion passed.

8 Discussion of semesterly fees.

9 Motion to adjourn until 5:30pm 12 February 2014. Moved by Russell. All in favour, meeting

adjourned 6:45pm.