January 18th 2016

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 18 January 2016 by Greg Aitken

Attended by Sylvia Rempel (Volunteer), Swinder Pal-K-Singh (Director),
Darren Ollinger (Volunteer), Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Jonathan Hughes (President),
Joe Johnson (Treasurer), Greg Aitken (Secretary), Sonja Klotz (Vice President), Eileen Mendez (Employee)

Call to Order
Review/approve Agenda
Review/adopt Minutes
1 Station Manager’s Report
2 Program Director’s Report
3 Policy Committee Update
4 SM Employee Review Update
5 Website
6 Upcoming SUS Meeting

Call to Order, 5:45pm, Jonathan.
Motion to approve the Agenda. Moved by Joe. All in favour, motion approved.
Motion to adopt the Minutes of 14 December 2015. Moved by Jonathan. All in favour, motion approved.
1 Station Manager’s Report- see attached.
2 Program Director’s Report- see attached.

Sam Broadcaster time offset issue mentioned, slower than optimal. Issue emailed to Ben 6:15pm.
Motion to go in camera 6:50pm. Moved by Sonja. All in favour, motion passed. Exit in camera 7:07pm.

3 Policy Committee. 47 pages now, half done, Table of Contents prepared and first ten policies done by Dustin Ellis et al in Schedule 3 Programming Policies (23 total) being digitized for inclusion. Changes to policies being made to be in accordance with the new Societies Act (briefing document provided by Dustin Ellis (Founder)).

4 In Camera

5 Website: Brandon still unwell. Agreement upon patience (at least until March AGM) in this matter. Aaron was very impressed by Brandon’s initial proposals and feels they are well worth a wait.
6 Opinion shared that a CIVL representative should be invited to sit upon SUS Hiring Boards.

Announcements: Call for prospective Board Members to attend the AGM on March 14 (and 21). Nine open seats (including three students).

Motion to adjourn until 22 February 2016. Move by Jonathan. All in favour, meeting adjourned 7:27pm.