January 23 2015

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes
Jan 23, 2015

Present : Swinder Pal K Singh, Greg Aitken, Jonathan Hughes and Brandon Greaves,
Rajnish Dhawan, Russell Arbuthnot and Aaron Levy

Call to order at 5:40pm

Adopt the Agenda
Motion to adopt the Agenda
First : Rajnish
All in favour : Approved

Approval of minutes
Motion to approve the Minutes
Change #4 Agenda item From “Grants” to “BC Gaming Grant”
First : Greg
All in favour : Approved Abstention by: Swinder,

Station Managers Report:
Move to Sub: Move is going head as planed. Move will be happening either last week of March or First week of April.

-Once the studios are ready Aaron will send an email for training
-We need to be out of building C by April 7th,2015.

Action: Aaron to have financial review report ready before AGM.

Grants: Aaron has decided not to apply for BC gaming grant.

-CRFC is offering up to $50,000 in the upcoming Radiometres round for individual station projects, and $250,000 for collaborative projects.

– Aaron would like to work with two other schools to increase the quality of interuniversity sports content dialogue and coverage.

– Would first approach UVic and Ottawa or Carlton, as they all have incredibly strong athletics programs.
– Dead line for this grant is Feb 27th,2015.
Suggestion: To have a talk show where you can bring in speaker from outside to talk on big issues and social/ political matters.
-We should have money to bring in speakers from outside.
-Aaron will gather more information and will forward to all board members.

New Hires/practicum students
-Form a committee for new hire
-Aaron, Brandon, Greg and two volunteers will be on hiring committee.
-Committee will work on forming a Job description, having a proper contract, interview candidates.

-This year we will have three practicum students.

Employee Contracts:
– Aaron has sent couple of contracts to look at for new hire.
– We need to decide if we can pay benefits or not.
– We also need to determine probation and termination policies.
– Also, determine the Job tittle of new hire.

Action: Aaron to get information on different benefit packages and email to all the
Board members.

Action : Jonathan to send contract to Jerry Palmer and Clair Dale to make sure it fits
BC labour code.

Motion: Above two action items needs to take place before the Feb Board of Directors
First: Jonathan
All in favour Motion approved

5. SM vacation dates: Aaron is taking three weeks of vacation starting from May 12,2015 and will be back in first week of June.

Set AGM date

Motion: To set dates March 2, 2015 and March 9, 2015 for CIVL AGM.
First: Jonathan
All in favour Motion approved

New Website for CIVL
-CIVL website needs to be updated.
-We can upgrade our website before September.
-Brandon will look at different website options.

Action: Aaron to budget the new website expenses in our financial budget report.

-Every board member to take something as an action item.
-Minutes can be reminders for every one of their action items.
– Board members can have high, medium and low involvement based on what’s going on in their personal life.

– We need to have a volunteer appreciation committee.
-Suggestion was made to ask Promotion committee to work on it.
-Aaron will delegate it to promotion committee.
-Also, prepare a budget for the volunteer appreciation day.

Announcements: Next meeting Feb 16th at 5:30pm


Motion to Adjourn
First: Jonathan
All in Favour Motion approved