Jul 4 2012

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 4 July 2012 by Greg Aitken, Secretary

Meeting Chaired by Dustin Ellis, President

Also attending: Russell Arbuthnot, Swinder Pal K Singh, Adam Nathe, Johnny Komitoudis (Directors), Darren Ollinger (Treasurer), Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Alicia Williams, Victoria McMillan


1.  Meeting called to order 530pm by Dustin


2.  Motion to approve the Agenda – see attached.  Moved by Swinder, Johnny.  All in favour except Darren who abstained; motion passed.


3.  Motion to adopt the minutes of 6 June 2012 as presented.  Moved by Greg, Johnny.  All in favour; motion passed.


4.  Motion to table reimbursement discussion until in-camera, agenda item 7.  Moved by Johnny, Adam.  All in favour except Russell who abstained; motion passed.


5.  Action:  Dustin and Darren to see to  amending the Bylaws once adopted at the Extraordinary General Meeting.


6.  Motion to recess for the EGM at 700pm.  Moved by Russell, Johnny.  All in favour; motion passed.

Motion to go in-camera.  Moved by Adam, Johnny.  All in favour; motion passed.

Board discussion regarding a promotional opportunity occurs for one hour.


7.  Motion to call the meeting to order after recess to hold the EGM.  Moved by Greg, Russell.  All in favour; motion passed.

Motion to go in-camera to discuss a labour matter.  Moved by Swinder, Russell.  All in favour; motion passed.

Motion to reimburse Aaron for airfare, accommodation, and conference fees related to the NCRA when receipts provided.  Moved by Adam, Swinder.  All in favour; motion passed.


8.  Motion to adjourn.  Moved by Johnny, Swinder.  All in favour; meeting adjourned.