June 18 2014

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes June 18th 2014 ­ Brandon Greaves

Attended by Robin Pittman (Treasurer), Brandon Greaves (SUS Delegate), Joe Johnson

(Director), Rajneesh Dhawan (Director), Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Greg Aitken, Jay Mitchell, Jeff Stackhouse, Dakota Leslie (volunteer), Andy Lee (volunteer), Eileen Mendez (volunteer), Erin Pilla (guest), Dani Reeves (guest)

Called to order 6:07 PM.


1. Approval of the Agenda

2. Adoption of the Minutes of May 7 2014

3. NCRC Reports

4. RADIO Grant Update

5. Board Membership

6. Station Manager Report

7. In Camera Meeting ­­ Student Conflict

8. Adjournment

1. Motion to approve the agenda (Robin, approved unanimously)

2. Motion to adopt minutes of May 7th 2014 meeting as presented (Robin, approved unanimously)

3. NCRC Reports

Brandon’s report

­ Implementation of DJLAND system discussed

Jay’s report

­ Music intake process discussed

Eileen’s report

­ Groundwire, marketing and promotions discussed

Aaron’s report

­ Advertising discussion

­ Groundwire grant possibility

­ NCRA board election discussed

4. RADIO Grant Update

­ Midterm evaluation required

­ Evaluation committee established (Aaron, Brandon)

­ Discussion of RADIO’s goals

5. Board Membership Discussion

­ Eileen interested, but no vacancy available currently. Jonathan to contact Tavleen about board role

­ Possibility of board visioning session discussed

6. Station Manager Report

­ BC Gaming account opened

­ Corporate credit card

­ Student Union Building agreement discussion

­ Brandon’s SUS report

* Motion to include Jay and Aaron for in camera meeting (Robin, approved unanimously)

7. In Camera Meeting

8. Motion to adjourn (Brandon, approved unanimously)

­ Meeting adjourned 6:56 PM.