March 21st 2016

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 21 March 2016 by Greg Aitken

Attended by Greg Aitken (Secretary), Jonathan Hughes (President), Brandon Greaves (Director), Natalia Deros (V S), Maria Gabor-Martinez (VS), Panku Sharma(VS), Glen Swarnadhipathi (VS), Mitch Huttema (VS), Eileen Mendez (Volunteer), Sylvia Rempel (Programmer), Darren Ollinger (Programmer), Swinder pal Singh (Director), John Henderson (Director), Rajneesh Dhawan (Director)

Call to order (sign attendance sheet)
Review and approve agenda
Review and approve minutes
1. Station Manager’s report
2. Policy document review and adoption
3. Website update
4. SM evaluation update

Call to Order, Jonathan 6:00pm
Motion to approve the Agenda. Moved by Brandon, Joe. All in favour, motion passed.
Motion to adopt the Minutes of 22 February 2016. Moved by John Henderson. All in favour, motion passed.

1 Station Manager’s Report – see attached.

2 Motion to approve/adopt the Board Policy Manual as presented. Moved by swinder. All in favour, motion passed.

3 Website update presentation/demonstration by Aaron.
Action: Aaron to seek competing quotes for website redevelopment.
Motion to go in camera. Moved by Swinder, Brandon. All in favour, motion passed 7:07pm.

4 Station Manager Evaluation discussion.
Exit in camera 7:31pm.

Motion to ensure Board Members elected are in good standing. Moved by Jonathan. All in favour, motion passed.
Motion to adjourn. Moved by Jonathan. All in favour, meeting adjourned 7:37pm.
Commence Annual General Meeting 7:38pm.