May 14, 2012

Minutes of the CIVL Board Meeting commencing 5:30pm 14 May 2012

Chaired by Russell Arbuthnot (Board Member). Minutes by Greg Aitken (Secretary)
Also present: Shelley Stefan, Sydney Lamirand, Adam Nathe, Darren Ollinger (Treasurer), and Aaron Levy (Station Manager)

1. Motion to approve the Agenda – see attached
Moved by Sydney.
All in favour, motion passed.

2. Motion to adopt the minutes of 24 April as presented.
Moved by Shelley, Adam.
All in favour except Sydney, Russell abstain; motion passed.

3. Motion to open a bank account at Envision Financial in order to receive PayPal revenues via
Moved by Sydney, Adam. All in favour; motion passed.

4. Motion to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting at 5:30pm on Wednesday 27 June or, failing quorum being reached, Wednesday 5:30pm 4 July.
Moved by Sydney, Adam.
All in favour; motion passed.

5. Station Manager’s Report – see attached
5.2 Motion to strike a Hiring Committee for the purpose of hiring Work Study Students. Committee to consist of Russell, Aaron and a volunteer to be determined later.
Moved by Shelley, Sydney.
All in favour; motion passed.
5.3 Tower Memo for Facilities. Discussion tabled until Dustin present.
5.4 Memorandum of Agreement negotiation Committee needs to be formed. SUB Agreement needs to be built into the MoA.
5.5 Discussion of vacation planning with Aaron.
Agreement among the Board that vacation policy should mirror that of UFV FSA. As a result, Aaron needs to take vacation days due last year before this fiscal year end to avoid unbudgeted expense to the station. Future vacation plans to be done with as much advance notice as possible and administered by the President of CIVL Radio.

6. Action: Darren, Sydney and Aaron will decide via email who shall attend the NCRC 2012 Conference (with financial assistance from the Student Union) based upon written submissions of interest.

7. Motion to adjourn until Wednesday 6 June 2012. Moved by Shelley, Darren. All in favour, meeting adjourned.