May 16th 2016

UFV Community and Campus Radio  Society Board of Directors Meeting

May 16, 2016

Abbotsford, BC UFV­ Abbotsford King Road Campus

Attendance: Sonja Klotz, Eileen Mendez, Mitch Huttema, Glen Ess, Pankaj Sharma, Swinder Pal Singh, Rajnish Dhawan, Greg Aitken, Jonathan Hughes, John Henderson (via phone), Brandon Greaves, Aaron Levy (Station Manager)

Chair: Sonja Klotz

Minutes: Glen Ess

  1. Call to order: 5:08 p.m.

  2. Approval/Amendment of Agenda:

    1. Panku motions (unanimous)

  3. Approval/Amendment of April Minutes:

    1. Mitch motions (unanimous)

  4. Business

    1. Station Manager’s report:

    2. Programming Director’s report (presented by Station Manager):

      1. In-Camera (Labour)

        1. Programming Director: Request approved [pending clarification as per board request]

    3. Executive update:

      1. In-Camera (Land)

        1. SM scheduled meeting with UFV President re: transition outside of current presidency.

      2. In-Camera (Labour)

        1. CIVL President and Vice President to meet with complainant

        2. Programming manual to be revised with aim of streamlining complaint process and conflict resolution.

    4. NCRC 2016 update:

      1. CSJ job approved, S.M would like to take the CSJ employee to NCRC 2016. One applicant so far.

      2. Ticket purchasing: New Leaf is too slow, S.M looking into tickets.

      3. Voting: S.M. will be voting delegate on behalf of CIVL

        1. Mitch motions (unanimous)

    5. SUS BoD meeting

      1. Streamlining communication: CIVL’s rep on SUS BoD will be CIVL’s primary form of communication with SUS.

      2. Things to bring to SUS BoD: Free advertising for SUS in exchange for CIVL being able to book spaces for free.

    6. Announcements: none

    7. Adjourn