May 19 2015

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 19 May 2015

Attended by Greg Aitken (Secretary), David Cusick (Staff, Director of Programming and Volunteers), Brandon Greaves (Director), Swinder Pal K Singh (Director), Sonja Klotz (Vice President), John Henderson (Director), Robin Pittman (Director), Rajnish Dhawan (Director), Joe Johnson (Treasurer), Jonathan Hughes (President).

AGENDA – see attached

Call to Order, 5:12pm Jonathan.

Motion to approve the Agenda. Moved by Brandon, Sonja. All in favour, motion approved.

Motion to adopt the Minutes of 14 April 2015 as presented. Moved by Brandon, Joe. All in favour, motion approved.

1a Action: Retrieve documents from Visioning Session.
1b Discussion on health care benefits for CIVL employees.
Motion: Benefit packages for salaried employees shall be contained by the existing budget (allotments). Moved by Jonathan, Sonja. All except Brandon (absent as this was the last item discussed), motion approved.

2a Sonja and Joe may pursue attending the 2015 NCRA Conference. Aaron has been actioned to canvas volunteers for interest; none have come forward.
Motion to send Sonja and Joe to 2015 NCRC St Johns. Moved by Greg. All in favour(with abstentions by Sonja, Joe), motion approved.
2b Motion to approve funding Kody’s attendance to June 2015 NCRC. Moved by Brandon, Robin. All in favour, motion passed.
2c Discussion on and consensus to forfeit hosting the 2016 NCRA Conference. Interest in hosting the 2017 Conference pending further information and discussion.
2d Motion to approve Aaron Levy’s bid to run for the Board of the NCRA. Moved by Rajnish, Joe. All in favour, motion approved.

3a Action: Committee members to bring forth visioning items to review for next Board meeting.
3b Discussion.
3c Motion to strike a policy and procedures review committee to update these for CIVL as needed/necessary. Sonja, Joe, John and Robin express interest. Moved by Robin, Sonja.. All in favour, motion approved.

Director of Programming and Volunteers verbal report:
David distributed key cards to volunteers. Half of the DJs are trained on the new studio equipment. MCs for Saturday Envision Music Series are being trained. Problems with podcasting system.
Action: Brandon to contact Ben Cadeux to work on correcting podcasting issue.

Motion to adjourn, 7:01pm Jonathan. All in favour, meeting adjourned.