May 7 2014 BoD and EGM

CIVL Board meeting Minutes

Present: Greg Aitken, Russell Arbuthnot, Jonathan Hughes, Swinder Pal K Singh, Joe Johnson, Jay Mitchell, Robin Pittman, Aaron Levy, Brandon K. Greaves


-Call to order at 5:58pm

1. Agenda –Approved as presented

-Russel : first

-Approved unanimously

2. Minutes- Approved as presented

– Greg :First

-Approved –all in favour Russell abstained

3. NCRA: Aaron is attending NCRA conference in June and would like to vote on behalf of CIVL at the conference.

-Motion : “ BIRT Station Manager Aaron Levy be empowered to vote on behalf of CIVL in all General Meeting Membership decisions at NCRC in Victoria”

– Greg : First

-Approved-all in favour

4. BC Gaming Account:

Motion: “BIRT CIVL open a unique bank account for the purpose of administering BC Gaming funds if grant is awarded in this month’s round of applications”

– Robin :First

-Approved-all in favour

5. Board membership: If any board member would like to step down then Eileen from CIVL can be appointed to replace the position. It is suggested to ask Eileen to attend couple of board meetings and then check with her if she is still interested in joining as Board member. Jonathan will do follow up with Eileen.

Darren has also shown his interest for board of Directors position. Also, check with Tavleen if she is still interested to be board member. Jonathan will do follow up with Tavleen.

We should check our process of appointing new members to Board of Directors position.

Clause 44 states: If a Director resigns his office or otherwise ceases to hold office, the

remaining Directors shall fill the vacancy by either

(a) appointing a Member to take the place of the former director; or

(b) conducting a by-election for a Director to be selected by a majority of the Members.

Action: Aaron to do research on by- Laws and Robin to do research on Society’s act and bring information to our next board meeting.

6. Cycling 4 Diversity : Aaron attended Cycling 4 diversity last year and would like do attend this year too for two and half days.

7. Station Managers Update:


A) CIVL has submitted 5 programming awards to the National Campus and Community Radio Association’s Awards in Victoria this coming June; Sports, Current Affairs, Special Programming, Music, and Creative Production

B) CIVL has approved two new multi-cultural programs, IHeartLatinAmerica, hosted by CRFC Student Fee Grant statistics manager Julia Hodgins, and Yuh-Vani, a Hindi spoken word program hosted by Rajnish Dhawan, featuring a round table discussion with UFV students of Hindi backgrounds

C) Yale Secondary High School Student Dominik Jersak has begun producing daily campus and community radio news updates as part of his 2 credit co-op assignment. He will work 2 hours daily for 120 hours until May, researching, writing, reading, editing, producing, and scheduling daily news updates. *Domo has completed his hours of co-op, and is volunteering to provide CIVL with news updates over the course of the summer as well. He is also joining us in Victoria for the conference, and has been nominated for the Volunteer of the Year award at the NCRC

D) CIVL recorded the ACS community housing panel at UFV in mid-November *Daryl Plecas’ office has requested a copy of the content* this was provided to the office in March

E) The programming committee has approved a process through which programmers may host playlist time by signing out time on a schedule posted outside of the Studio, if they have already have a program, or have submitted a similar demo through the programming committee to the demo required for show approval

F) The CRFC Student Fee Radio program is complete, end reporting is now taking place, as well as collating the documentation that has been collected through statistical surveying on

G) Weekend programming review under way

H) CIVL recorded documentary interviews for Rajnish Dhawan of the CICS with regards to a piece he is producing on new immigrants to Canada. *Plans to complete the documentary are underway within the month* *One segment has been edited, more on the way*

I) CIVL will begin Abbotsford Arts Councils Envision Concert Series Radio every Tuesday from 1:30-2 pm as part of our partnership with the Arts Council to host and promote the series.

J) Winamp has been removed from the on-air computer, and now only Sam Broadcaster, iTunes, or Windows Media Player can be utilized for broadcast of on air content from that desktop

K) CIVL has now completed it’s broadcasting partnership with the Abbotsford Heat, who have had their contract terminated by the city of Abbotsford. This partnership saw 79 games broadcast on CIVL (including playoffs) since September 2013.

L) CIVL participated with a Music 150 course in order to record sections of historical music from various 21st century decades live on air. 5 groups of roughly 6 students each curated and recorded songs and explanations in Studio 2.

M) Cycling 4 Diversity will have several spots on CIVL for interviews over the next several weeks until the completion of this year’s ride.

N) Sound levels seem to be leveling off without Winamp, and some additional changes made to the on air board settings.

O) Jam in Jubilee Radio will also return this year, perhaps a new host will be interested in being involved this year?


A) Sam Costinak completed her work study placement last month by fulfilling hours at the station while I was away in Ontario.

B) CIVL is hosting at least 3 on campus events this coming summer, as SUS has asked us to put together as many as two events per month. So far the following have been booked:

May 16th: Warm Amps (Steve O’Shea of Popularity Contest), Kin, Oh Village

May 24th: Various Metal

June 8th: B.A. Johnston, What’s Wrong Tohei?, Monkeys in Drag

C) CIVL is in communication with members of the local music community in order to put together an event this summer that focuses on expanding the reach of the Abbotsford music community to engage students and people who otherwise would not be getting involved, and are not already

D) CIVL’s #CIVLssBattle was a success, with 12 performers being selected out of 20 to compete at Aftermath from March to April, and 3 selected to perform at the Abbotsford Heat Game on April 11th.

Tristan Smith, John Welsh, and Franklyn Currie were the finalists, while John Welsh emerged victorious via facebook and in-arena polling. Patrick Joliceour also competed in the Battle and sang the National Anthems to open the game.

E) Student Life Staff attempted to increase the frequency of CIVL’s open mic nights at aftermath, and subsequently the staff members decided to step back from the project; I hope to see open mic initiated again in September when Aftermath re-opens, however I cannot speak to the frequency or timeline of this taking place

F) CIVL assisted Abbotsford Community Services in their operation of a fourth Art on Tap night, simply by providing free audio services. The program has been halted for the summer, and we will discuss how best to be involved for the coming year once The Reach solidifies their new staffing structure with two new full time personnel.

G) A schedule is being put together for various CIVL volunteers to be able to host Envision Concert Series and Coffee House Series Nights

H) Cameron Roy from Ancilliary Services will print a banner for CIVL to put between A/B bldgs **Coming Up**

I) CIVL contacted OREG in order to access a membership list, did not hear back. MOA says CIVL should receive a list within 5 days.

J) Former SUS President Shane Potter is now SUS’s Student Services Director, in charge of all student service related aspects of SUS

K) UFV Theatre hosted it’s Director’s Fest during my vacation

L) I will be in conversation with the Cascades Athletics Department in order to coordinate next year’s broadcast structure. I will discuss what a potential FM broadcast will look like for Cascades Basketball next year, and whether or not there is sponsorship opportunities

M) CIVL engaged with two e-marketing classes last semester, one report was produced by one of the courses

N) Eileen Mendez is a Communications Student, now graduated, from UFV and completed her Winter Semester practicum placement with CIVL this past semester, as our #CIVLssBattle coordinator, and also helped Sam in coordination of our Abbotsford Heat commitments. Together, they were in charge of CIVL’s presence at three *Chuck a Puck* nights where we raised a total of just under $1,000, and another $1,200-1,300 during a 50/50 night where a dozen CIVL volunteers came to raise money for the station on our Battle of the Bands night.


A) CIVL interviewed three candidates for the CRFC Radiometres RADIO Campus project, and Jay Mitchell was selected as the successful candidate. One week into his placement, he has developed a good starting document towards how CIVL can effectively work with UFV in order to provide academic opportunities to students through the station while utilizing their efforts to contribute to core operations.


A) Ben Cadieux has been put on retainer and is currently troubleshooting various studio, server room and website issues.

He has cleaned up the website, fixed the now playing function, renewed the battery for one of our UPS’s, re-organized the server room, and will be helping me look at the podcasters.

B) Craig Toews says he will follow up with Rogers to see how their plans are looking, he described their outlook moving forward as a “holding pattern”

Several options remain with regards to the Chilliwack Tower project, as well as an obstacle or two.


A) CBC broadcasts French content on 102.1, they would have to sign off on a 101.7 broadcast for

CIVL, and can be contacted to this effect if we choose

B) CEP tower is too small and needs work to be upgraded

C) CIVL’s antenna in storage is likely unsuitable for our purposes due to size

These issues can be mitigated by A) addressing CBC and B/C) soliciting through UFV for a tenant (Bell, Shaw, Telus, Rogers) to share the tower and related costs. A meeting has been requested with Craig Toews of UFV Planning, he is away until 8-16


A) Short power license could be applied for by CIVL with Grants help without paying for a

comprehensive brief, but would not be protected if another station decided to apply for the


B) A full power license might be achievable but would require additional funds without a

significant tenant as above.


A) No word on new developments regarding the new SUB building.


A) I will be talking to Envision about opening up a bank account for the purpose of depositing

BCGaming funds, should we be approved for a capital project.

B) CIVL will be spending less on Insurance as a result of the Heat contract termination ($839)

C) Planning for the capital expenses of this year will be moving forward in conjunction with the CRFC RADIO Campus project, as departmental assistance becomes either available or not. I will try to work with students to make purchasing decisions, but if there are no synergies there, I will likely ask to strike a purchasing committee.


As of February when I had requested Vacation time, I had two weeks from the previous year remaining.

Now I am in the midst of accumulating my two weeks vacation for the 2013/14 year, and I have no immediate plans to use them as of this moment.

From my February report:

“Left over is last year’s two weeks, and this year’s vacation to be earned by the end of August.

I’d like to take as many as two weeks off in advance of the Station Manager’s Summit currently scheduled for the last weekend in April at CHUO in Ottawa. The two week period covers my birthday and the Jewish holiday Passover, neither of which I would mind spending in Toronto with my family.”

8. Adjourn- Set next meeting

Next meeting on June 18th

Motion to adjourn

Brandon- First

Approved –all in favour 6:40pm

Annual General meeting Minutes

Present: Greg Aitken, Russell Arbuthnot, Jonathan Hughes, Swinder Pal K Singh, Joe Johnson,

Jay Mitchell, Robin Pittman, Aaron Levy, Brandon K. Greaves


-Call meeting to order at 6:44pm

1. Agenda –Approved as presented

-Russell : first

-Approved unanimously

2. Minutes- Approved as presented

– Russell :First

-Approved –all in favour

-Abstained : Swinder Singh and Jay Mitchell

3. i) 2013-2014 Auditor quotes presentation:

-3 quotes were presented by CIVL Radio treasure Robin Pittman

-Agatha Cluff’s quote was from $2,700-$2,850

– Bryan Locke, quote was from $2500-$2700.

-Shawn D. Write quote was from $3000 – $3500

Discussion: Have new person for financial review. Good for have checks and balances.

Mr. Locke’s quote was lowest of all three quotes.

Motion: Motion to appoint Mr. Locke as an auditor to engage in financial review of recent year.

Moved by Robin

Approved – All in favour

4. Proposed By-Law Amendment:

Motion to amend by- law #65 to “The Vice –President will carry out the duties of the president during the president’s absence, and when the Vice- President is also absent, the directors shall elect a director to carry out the duties.

Discussion: To have one person responsible in absence of the President. Vice president can also take responsibility of fundraising process.

Motion: Motion to amend by-law #65 as proposed “The Vice –President will carry out the duties of the president during the president’s absence, and when the Vice- President is also absent, the directors shall elect a director to carry out the duties.

Moved by Joe

Approved- All in favour

5. Adjourn

Motion: Motion to adjourn the meeting (7:13pm)

Approved-all in favour