Oct 28 2013

CIVL BoD Meeting October 28, 2013

Attendance: Adam Nathe, Greg Aitken, Tavleen Sahota, Russell Arbuthnot, Swinder Singh, Aaron Levy


Call to order at 5:59 pm

Adam Nathe volunteers to Chair the meeting.

  1. Agenda

Motion to adopt the Agenda

Moved by Russell

All in Favour, Motion Passed

  1. Minutes

Motion to Adopt the Minutes of September 25th 2013

Moved by Swinder

All in Favour, Adam abstains, Motion Passed

  1. Board Personnel

    1. Shelley

Motion to remove Shelley Stefan from the Board, but remaining as Promotions ex-officio to the Board.

Moved by Tavleen

All in Favour, Motion Passed

  1. Vice-Chair (Sydney)

Motion to create a Vice-Chair position on the board for board membership/coordination

Moved by Swinder

All in Favour, Motion Passed (Needs to be updated in by-laws through AGM)

  1. Financial Review

Pursuant to EGM motion, Agatha Cluff will be providing a Financial Review for the 2012/2013 year.

  1. Insurance Premium

Unexpected surcharge on Insurance due to incorporation of the Heat contract obligations. $839 owing according to insurance agent. Aaron to investigate further.

  1. Station Manager’s Report

a. finance

On track for $4,000 surplus at end of year.


Motion to apply for a grant from the CRFC for the purpose of creating a student fee content creation program administered by the station manager.

Moved by Adam.

All in Favour, Motion Passed.

  1. New Business

    1. Promo Suggestions

Russell has some well developed ideas for Promotions Committee Review

  1. Adjourn