October 18th 2014

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes
Oct 18th, 2014

Present : Swinder Pal K Singh, Sydney Lamirand, Joe Johnson, Greg Aitken, Robin Pittman, Jonathan Hughes and Brandon Greaves, Aaron Levy

Call to order at 5:30pm

Adopt the Agenda
Motion to adopt the Agenda
First : Brandon
All in favour : Approved

Approval of minutes
Motion to approve the Minutes
First : Sydney
Second: Greg
All in favour : Approved

Insurance: Aaron presented new insurance estimates report.
-The propose insurance is $5550 compared to the expiring insurance premium of $6572.
-It has lower deductible and enhanced coverage.
-Working with NCRA to get lower rate as an organization.
-Will save us $500/year
-This insurance is specifically for the Community and Campus Radio Station.

Motion: By Joe to change our insurance provider to save our money now. Option 1 selected.
Second : Robin
All in favour –Motion approved

Visioning: We have two options:

We can do it at UFV Campus and arrange for food and coffee
We can do it at Cultus Lake and everything ( Venue, food, coffee) are included in it.
Fee for venue at Cultus Lake is $465.00.

All agreed to do it at Cultus Lake.

Motion: Motion by Sydney to approve cost $465.00 or under associated with board visioning activity.
All in favour- Motion approved

-Nov 14th is election day and Sydney will follow up with Facilitator April to see if she
is available on Nov 22nd.
Looking for one more person to conduct interview with April.
April will not charge anything to facilitate the visioning process.
Cover the cost of transportation

Station Manager’s report: See attached
Alex is volunteering with CIVL and also hosting a show. He is interested in being part of the programming committee.

Motion: Motion to appoint Alex Chalke to be a member of programming committee.
First : Brandon
Second: Jonathan
All in favour-Approved

Adjournment :

Motion: Motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:15pm
First : Sydney
All in favour -Adjourned

Next meeting : Dec 2nd at 5:30pm