October 27th 2016

CIVL Radio Society Board of Directors Meeting

October 27, 2016

UFV-Abbotsford King Road Campus

Attendance: Sonja K (President), Mitch H (Treasurer), Eileen M (Vice-C) Panku S, Brandon G, Greg A, John H

Chair: Sonja Klotz Minutes: Aaron Levy

I. Call to order: 4:09 pm

II. Review and approve agenda

A. Panku Moves, Unanimous

III. Review and approve last BoD Meeting Minutes

A. Panku Moves, Unanimous

IV. Business:

A. Station Manager Report (Aaron)

1. Action: request photos from CHUO of decals directing towards CIVL/Cascade

B. Program Director Report (Aaron)

C. NCRC 2016 Update (Aaron)

V. In-Camera (Labour)

A. Mitch Motions 4:33 pm

B. Out of Camera 5:09 pm

V. Announcements

A. Tenants Meeting — Aaron to Represent CIVL

VI. Adjourn

A. Eileen B. Unanimous 5:14