Sep 25 2013

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 25 Sept 2013                 Taken by Greg Aitken

Meeting attended by Darren Ollinger (Director), Swinder Pal Singh (Director), Alvina Kumar (Member), Russell Arbuthnot (President), Jeff Stackhouse (Director, via phone link), Greg Aitken (Secretary),  Aaron Levy (Station Manager)


1  Approve Agenda

2  Approve Minutes of 14 August 2013

3  Heat Discussion

4  Board Communication Responsibility

5  CRFC Grants

6  Board Composition

7  Station Manager’s Report (abridged)

8  Discussion In Camera – Labour

9  Adjourn

Meeting called to Order, 6:04pm, Russell.

1  Motion to approve the Agenda.  Moved by Russell.  All in favour, motion passed.

2  Motion to adopt the Minutes of 14 August (taken by Dustin) as presented.  Moved by Jeff.  All in favour, except Darren, who abstains, motion passed.

3  Promotions Coordinator (through the Promotions Committee) to direct Heat promotional initiatives/activities.  Plans to do so and progress reports to be reviewed periodically by the Board.  Action:  Aaron to hire and instruct a suitable Promotions Coordinator.

4  Motion to add:  “When utilizing social media (Facebook, Twitter, and others) to positively represent the interests of the Station and the decisions of its Board of Directors, Committees and Staff.” to Section F. Rights and Responsibilities (subsection Your Responsibilities) of the Volunteer Resources.  Moved by Darren.  All in favour, motion passed.

Jeff Stackhouse exits meeting at 6:30pm.

5  CRFC grant proposals sought by Aaron.

6  Motion to remove Dustin Ellis from the Board of Directors (and as Treasurer) and appoint him as ‘policy ex-afficio’, as per his wishes.  Moved by Greg Aitken.  All in favour except Darren, who abstains, motion passed.

Further discussion upon reducing the Board’s numbers by one additional Director to increase the likelihood of achieving quorum more readily.

7  Station Manager’s Report  (see attached).

Motion to appoint Alvina Kumar, Bryan Felix and Robert Sweeney to the Programming Committee.  Moved by Swinder.  All in favour, motion passed.

8  Motion to go en camera at 7:00pm to discuss a labour issue.  Moved by Russell. All in favour, motion passed.  Exit 7:16pm.

9  Motion to adjourn.  Moved by Russell.  All in favour, meeting adjourned 7:19pm