September 28th 2015

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 28 September 2015 by Greg Aitken

Attended by Greg Aitken (Secretary), Jonathan Hughes (President), Sonja Klotz (Vice
President), John Henderson (Director), Brandon Greaves (Director)


1 Jazz Plus host appeal to Board
2 Radiometres 10/15
3 Chilliwack Tower
4 UFV Facilities/ Security/ SUB Committee
5 Station Manager Employee Review
6 Website

Call to Order, 5:40pm, Jonathan.

Motion to approve the Agenda. Moved by Sonja. All in favour, motion approved.
Motion to adopt the Minutes of 31 August 2015 as presented. Moved by Sonja. All in favour
except John, who abstains, motion approved.

1 Motion: The CIVL Board upholds the Programming Committee’s decision to move the Jazz
Plus Show from the 8 to 10pm time slot to accommodate live programming. Moved by
Jonathan. All in favour, motion passed.

2 VOIP devices to connect college/community radio stations proposed by John.
Motion: Be it resolved that CIVL applies for a Radiometres grant (with as many as three partner
stations) that will endeavor to facilitate connections through implementation of CODEX
equipment across stations of a National Campus/Community Radio Network platform (in order
to more easily share and record content between stations). Be it further resolved that Station
Manager Aaron Levy, UFVCCRS Director John Henderson, and Programming and Volunteers Director Dave Cusick manage this project and its engagement with partner/beneficiary stations.
Moved by Sonja. All in favour, motion passed.

3 Concern over future CBC tower rental cost (contract renewal in 2017). Propose waiting three
or more years; saving for tower purchase independently. Financial plan to be prepared for
presentation at the AGM.

Motion to authorize Aaron Levy to pay off the balance of CIVL bank loan, roughly
$26,000. Moved by Sonja. All in favour, motion passed.

4 Volunteer frustrations discussed; the corporate cultures’ SUS/UFV are not currently
supportive of after-hours access cards to SUB. Aaron has lobbied extensively to no avail, citing
a breach of our Memorandum of Agreement.

5 Action: Jonathan to conclude this process.

6 Aaron working with Ben to provide a cell phone alarm for technical breakdowns.
Brandon’s idea to switch platforms for greater website compatibility.
Action: Brandon to research RSS feed issue and website design details.

Fraser Valley Music Awards (FVMA) Volunteers needed for the Nomination, Sponsorship, Event Coordination and Promotions
Committees. See James Kasper to volunteer.

Motion to adjourn, 7:03pm, Jonathan. All in favour, meeting adjourned.