September 29th 2016

UFV Campus and Community Radio Society

Board of Directors Meeting

29th September, 2016, 4 p.m.

UFV Abbotsford Campus

Attendance:  Mitch Huttema, Pankaj Sharma, Greg Aitken, Eileen Mendez, Jonathan Hughes, Glen Ess, Sonja Klotz.

Regrets: Brandon Greaves, John Henderson

Chair: Sonja Klotz

Minutes: Glen Ess

  1. Call to order:  4:09

  2. Approval of Agenda: Amended (Mitch, seconded Jonathan) Passed

    1. Approved

  3. Approval of August minutes: Motioned (Jonathan, seconded Panku) Abstention: Mitch

  4. Reports:

    1. Station Manager Report:

      1. Programming Manager:

    2. Executive report:

  5. Business:

    1. Credit Card switching over to independent credit card

      1. Motion to authorize SM Aaron Levy to open an account with RBC.

        1. Motioned Eileen, Seconded Panku: Passed.

          1. Amended to include $3000 in GIC’s.

  6. Announcements/Open Floor:

  7. Adjourn: Panku Motions: Approved.