Disposable Existence

Hosted by Daryl Johnson on Mondays at 1pm.

Every Monday from 1-3 on 101.7 CIVL FM, join us on a voyage of mostly epic proportions. Our emphasis on the more unknown genres and sub genres of the music we love. This will include but not be limited to Punk/Post-Punk, Hardcore/Post Hardcore, Powerviolence, Screamo, Garage, Lo-Fi, Fuzz, (Avant-Garde Metal/Rock/Jazz/Noise) Math-Rock/Core, Noise-Rock, Drone/Ambient/Psychedelic/Instrumental/Minimalism, Doom-Metal, Melodic/Black/Death-MetalProgressive Brutal Tech Metal, Grind-Core, Stoner-Rock/Metal, Shoe-Gaze, No-Wave/New-Wave, Haunt/Funereal, Pops, Hisses and Clicks, Noise/IDM/Glitch, Funk, Soul, MoTown, Jazz, Experimental, World, Etc Etc…

Whatever your proclivity Disposable Existence has you covered.


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