Mondo Trash

Hosted by Jason Nicholas on Saturdays at 3pm.

MONDO TRASH mainly plays 60\\\\\\\'s Psychedelic, Freakbeat, Punk (Yes! It DID exist in the 60\\\\\\\'s), Garage Rock, Frat Rock and Bubblegum Pop not only from North America, but from around the World!

There was a whole subculture from the early sixties to early seventies and it was most definitely not the hippie movement or the Summer of Love. No, it was the punks. The ones who would stab their amps to make fuzzy guitar noises and sing about motorbikes and girls and even about being a vampires! Mondo Trash brings all this to CIVL, this awesome music for all the freaky people!

Mondo Trash\\\\\\\'s host, Jason Nicholas, not only plays this kind of music, but he talks about the music, the history behind it, and the stories that go with it.

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