Now Hiring: 1 News Producer

Job Description:
The Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) has granted funding to CIVL in order to produce regular news content from September until February through the Local Journalism Initiative (LJI).
CIVL is looking to hire a part-time news producer.
The producer will work with CIVL’s news host, the station manager, as well as CRFC project coordinators to plan and execute the highest quality and quantity of news output as possible during the funding period.

Responsibilities include:
Recording/editing/producing all news interviews

Maintaining effective and regular communique with CIVL and CRFC staff daily/weekly

Participating in planning of stories/interviews/guests/broadcasts

Shared research and fact checking duties

Some shared booking responsibilities as needed

Uploading/sharing content with CRFC for feedback/revision and release/promotion

Excellent oral, written and verbal communication skills  
Experience in journalism is an asset

Experience in news collection or production is an asset

Demonstrated success working in diverse teams

Demonstrated ability to meet many tight deadlines in short order

High comfort level multi-tasking and managing multiple objectives with efficiency

Professional experience in an anti-oppressive environment

Strong knowledge of policy and public administration

Keenly up to date on local/regional/national/world politics

Excellent computer/technical skills

Experience with audio/video editing is an asset

Experience managing professional social media accounts is an asset

Fastidious attention to detail is a must

34.28/hr 17.5 hrs/week ($15,000 gross)

September 1 – Mid-February
Send Cover Letter and Resumes to: jobopportunity (at) civl (dot) ca
Subject Line: LJI Producer Hiring

Posting closes August 28th 2020 11:59 pm PST

CIVL encourages applications from under-represented communities, including women, first nations peoples, people of colour, lesbian/gay/queer/transgender, people with physical and mental disabilities, people living with HIV/AIDS, and people whose age, education, or economic status may be a barrier to employment. CIVL does not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, or class. Only those applicants selected for interviews will be contacted.  

Bob Simpson – Radio Legend

It is with heavy hearts that CIVL recognizes, on behalf of the UFV Campus and Community Radio Society, our community lost one of it’s key builders this past week.

CHLY Nanaimo, whose 101.7 FM shares a frequency with CIVL, made the following post about Bob on their website this weekend, and we also welcome you to read a letter written in nominating Mr. Simpson for a Radio Legend Award to celebrate his 50th year in broadcasting.

Thanks for everything, chief!

“I am sad to have learned today that former CHLY Station Manager Bob Simpson passed away this morning from stomach cancer in a private hospital room in Calgary. He was 75 years old and had just last night celebrated a wedding anniversary with his wife Judy.

Some of you would not have met Bob Simpson, but Bob was there for the CHLY when we needed someone capable and level headed during a difficult time for the station.

Bob was a radio veteran of 50 years by the time he retired, and was a mentor to me in numerous ways. I would even say he was a bit of a father figure during some difficulties in my personal life. I am very saddened by this loss, as I was hoping to see him again had his diagnosis and treatment regimen gone better.

A youthful Bob Simpson in his glory.
A youthful Bob Simpson in his glory.

I fondly remember the phone calls I had with him, as well as our regular lunches to discuss station business, politics, and life in general. Bob knew how to treat people well, and when to be stern. Raised on the prairies and having lived there for much of his life, he was the son of a minister (if I remember right both the politician kind and the pulpit kind), and like some from that part of Canada, a bit conservative. That said I did convince him to vote NDP in the 2015 Federal Election, something that I got a real kick out of at the time. He was not fond of Harper in those years.

Bob in his at home studio. He was happiest in front of a microphone.
Bob in his at home studio. He was happiest in front of a microphone.
Bob visiting CHLY during a fund drive after his retirement. I don't know who the other guy is, nice bike tights though.
Bob visiting CHLY during a fund drive after his retirement. I don’t know who the other guy is, nice bike tights though.

He liked his martinis, he liked his oldies, and the booth always smelled of Old Spice when he was hosting his Wednesday afternoon show Bobby Be Cool. He was a sight to behold in the booth, organized and “on” it in only the way a veteran of 50 years could be.

He loved radio.

He was a friend.”

Jesse Woodward,
Executive Director,
CHLY 101.7FM

May 6th, 2016

ATTN: NCRA Awards Community Radio Legend Award Jury

Re: Bob Simpson Nomination

I’ve had the pleasure of managing CIVL 101.7 FM for the past 6 years as of this August, and I’m indebted to a small group of UFV students and community volunteers who, from 2003 until 2009, worked tirelessly to connect with the NCRA, raise awareness in the Fraser Valley, and develop from genesis the concept and opportunity of placing Campus and Community Radio East of Vancouver.

Today, CIVL is an NCRA Award winning radio station for Programming (‘14) and Community Development (‘11), having twice been recognized by Abbotsford Community Services’ Fraser Valley Cultural Diversity Awards for Marketing (‘15) and Outreach (‘11), and being awarded the Abbotsford Arts Council’s 2014 Arty Award for Outstanding Arts Organization, as well as that year’s Punjabi Literature Society of Abbotsford award for contribution to Punjabi Language, Culture, and Literature.

CIVL is the only Campus/Community Radio station within over 50 KM to the West, nearly 300 to the North, and almost 600 KM to the East. We are an essential community outlet in the Valley, with unparalleled isolation from our sister stations considering the population we serve. (The Fraser Valley is home to 1.5 million residents, and we are the only station to serve it with a Type A license.)

None of these accomplishments would be possible if a group of UFV students hadn’t encountered the help, early on, of one Robert Simpson. In 2008, when I first applied to CIVL’s Program Director job posting, it was Mr. Simpson’s positive and encouraging response to my application that motivated me to attend broadcast college in Ontario, in order to further strengthen my skills, which in turn allowed me to successfully apply for the Station Manager position left vacant when Bob moved to Salt Spring Island as owner/operator of CFSI-FM — a volunteer based commercial undertaking.

During the early days, Bob was the sheppard for CIVL’s flock of as yet un-call-letter-assigned small undertaking. He utilized his 40+ years of experience in commercial radio and advertising, as well as invaluable contacts at the CRTC, CBC and Industry Canada, to ensure that CIVL was able to withstand successful broadcast implementation extensions (3), change of technical parameter/broadcast location applications (2), a frequency swap and a tower lease.

It took the UFV Campus and Community Radio Society 5 years to graduate from society incorporation to FM implementation, throughout which Bob was a volunteer, Station Manager, ex-officio, and station dad to many. The skills and work ethic he instilled in CIVL’s volunteers and staff are evident in the success not only of the station, but of the founders who spent their years in academia focusing as much, if not more, on this pipe dream of a project, now become a reality, than their respective Math, Library Sciences, Pedagogy, and Philosophy degrees.

Today, these founders are Law School Graduates, Tech Firm CTOs, Librarians, and High School Teachers, having fostered an environment at CIVL where our Alum can count among them two commercial radio station drive time hosts, executive directors of two Lower Mainland Arts Councils (New West and Abbotsford), and a freedom of speech activist with millions of hits and followers on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

CIVL was built on sound fundamentals in programming procedures, organizational dynamics, and good governance. So much so, that when I arrived at this still yet-to-get-out-of-the- podcast-and-onto-FM-radio-station, trepidation mounting regarding my ability to take the reigns of this burgeoning operation, I was overjoyed to find complete training processes that were comprehensive, clear, and turnkey, ready for me to implement and orient volunteers with, perfectly melding the technical know how of professional, academic radio training, with the progressive, inclusive environment of Campus/Community Radio that makes it so essential for our ever diversifying communities in Canada.

We use these training processes, developed by Program and Communications Directors Swinder Singh and Larry Portelance, under the supervision and direction of Mr. Simpson, essentially unchanged – save for relevant CRTC updates – to this day.

Bob is the kind of person who makes you want to put your best foot forward. His achievement and dedication urge you to look inside yourself and search for the best contribution you can make to your community, and the idea that this man basically walked into campus and community radio as a commercial ex-pat 10 or so years ago, but was able to be such an essential part of such an impactful and broadly accessible community service, is a true testament to what C/C radio in Canada is all about.

This is the legacy that Bob left at CIVL, from the lens of a person who never worked alongside or under the man a single day in his life. To me, that is the definition of a legacy; the legend that carries on with those that endeavour to undertake the work you’d once begun, and have the privilege of seeing grow beyond your own efforts.

Though he spent the lion’s share of his time in the commercial sector, in the comparably short time he’s spent engaged with community radio, he’s been able to impart astonishing institutional and experiential knowledge onto the C/C sector, now on his 3rd community oriented broadcast undertaking. The impact he’s made in the Fraser Valley have been felt for the past 5 years in significant ways, and no doubt will continue to be felt as long as CIVL is operational.

I’m beyond pleased to recommend Bob Simpson be awarded with this year’s Community Radio Legend NCRA Award, to mark his 50 years of contributions to broadcast in Canada. 

If you have any questions about this letter, or Mr. Simpson’s time at CIVL, please feel free to contact me at your leisure.

My very best, 

Aaron Levy

CIVL Radio Station Manager

Calling All Web Developers!

It’s time for the CIVL Website Re-design!

June 19th, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CIVL and CJRU Release Joint Website Redesign RFP

Abbtosford, BC – CIVL-FM is excited to announce a partnership with Ryerson’s CJRU 1280AM based in downtown Toronto that will see both stations redesign web and streaming services.

An RFP is available below that outlines the nature and scope of the project, as well as context relating specifically to the histories of both organizations. The deadline for proposals is July 10th. More details are available below.

“While campus and community radio in Canada has been involved in podcasting as pioneers through the decades,” according to CIVL station manager Aaron Levy, “the incredible growth of podcasts in the past decade requires that our stations develop resources towards new and emerging technologies in order to ensure our continued relevance in the future media landscape.

In particular, Ryerson’s student body has been one of the most historically impactful on the development of campus radio in Canada since the 70’s, and we are thrilled to be partnering with CJRU to move both of our engagement capacities into the 20’s together with this web development project.”


Aaron Levy

Station Manager

CIVL Radio

UFV Campus and Community Radio Society

S-2109-33844 King Road, Abbotsford, BC

V2S 7M8 (604)851.6306


CJRU and CIVL are looking to redesign and rebuild their websites. The new sites will include the content that is already on our current sites, but will also include features such as responsive capability, automatic playlist publishing, and automatically as well as manually when desired, podcasting every show broadcast on the station. 


CJRU is Ryerson’s campus and community radio station. We began as an online station in 2013 and started broadcasting on the AM dial in 2016. We are a non-profit organization and our programs and much of the writing and videos shared on our website is made by dedicated and talented volunteers. 


Our current website was developed in 2013. As we’ve established ourselves as a station we see there being specific needs that we’d like to see addressed with a new web presence. 


CIVL is University of the Fraser Valley’s campus and community radio station. We began as an online station in 2008, and started broadcasting on FM in 2010. We are a non-profit organization built on the auspices of volunteer engagement and accessibility.


Our current website was developed in 2007. As we’ve established ourselves as a station we see there being specific needs that we’d like to see addressed with a new web presence. 



What we are currently using:

  • Our current website is built on Newscoop 
  • The schedule is tied to our online programming schedule Airtime. 
  • The website and stream are hosted through Sourcefabric currently
  • We use Shopify for taking listener donations 
  • We use Mailchimp for our newsletters
  • We currently host audio on Soundcloud and publish podcasts through  Spreaker
  • Our hosts log what they’ve played on air through our logging software built on FileMakerPro. 
  • We use Airtable to manage our list of volunteers and sign out equipment

The new development should include the content currently available on our site. We are open to reorganizing this content but the ability to share interviews, videos, reviews, blog posts and charts is vital. 


What we are currently using:

  • Our current website is built on wordpress
  • The schedule is tied to our online programming schedule using a supercali platform 
  • The website and stream are hosted through our in-house FREEBSD based server
  • We use PayPal for taking listener donations 
  • We use both Mailchimp and Gsuite for our newsletters and want to streamline
  • We currently host audio on our website from our in-house database
  • Our podcasts are programmed to log 24 hours per day, but the start and stop times of each hour vary, and we wish to remedy this
  • We use excel and gdrive docs to manage our list of volunteers and sign out equipment
  • Our automated broadcast software is SAM Broadcast by Spacial Audio

The new development should include the content currently available on our site. We are open to reorganizing this content but the ability to share interviews, videos, reviews, blog posts, ongoing projects, initiatives and charts is vital. 


We want to build a site that really takes into consideration the programming that we offer and puts it center stage. We expect that everything is built with web standards and is designed to work on all modern devices. A few functionalities that we are looking for: 


We currently publish a number of our spoken word programs using Spreaker. We also have spoken word archives on Soundcloud. With the new website, we want to make all shows streamable and downloadable and where appropriate, podcastable. Some considerations: 

  • We need some system for DJs to easily mark the beginning and end of their show so that the system builds out an MP3 file that wholly contains only the program the listener is requesting. 
  • If the programmer does not select a start or end time within some sort of buffer zone at these beginning and end points, the system should just revert to the program times. 
  • A quick fade should be applied to the beginning and end of each podcast to smooth out the ends. 
  •  Podcast audio build should have the option to tag on audio to the beginning and/or end of the show.
  • There needs to be an option to not have a particular episode become part of the podcast feed (ie: showfill). 
  • There needs to be an option to still manually upload audio for certain podcast feeds
  • The Program Director needs the ability to take down any episode. 

The Program Guide is the backbone of the station on the air, and it’s deep integration into the new website build will be a key to the success of the new website. This integration would include things such as: 

  • Strong backend and visual frontend 
  • Ability to have shows that are not in the live schedule (ie: podcast-only shows). 
  • Robust recommendation engine to get listeners to explore new programs on the station.  
  • Ability for users to filter and sort programming by genre and other interests
  • Embedded audio player 
  • Easy backend interface
  • Improved mobile version 
  • All urls transferred over to


We want to build a site that really takes into consideration the programming AND community engagement that we offer through both content and festival/event/awards sponsorship and puts it center stage. We expect that everything is built with web standards and is designed to work on all modern devices. A few functionalities that we are looking for: 


Though CIVL currently has different functionality than CJRU from a podcasting standpoint, in addition to the “other functionalities” listed below, CIVL wants a podcast system that achieves all the goals that CJRU has, but that also provides for hourly content to be archived and linked for access automatically without manual logging by programmers or staff.

CIVL sees the functionality of the website’s podcast platform as ideal because programs can be grouped according to genre or lists of genres, and then whittled down to create playlists of only the episodes users want to hear. It is searchable, mobile-compatible across platforms, and allows you to save your profile in order to return to the playlists of programs you’ve selected, which also update in a style similar to RSS. Ideally, programs could also be searched for specific songs, artists or albums played by being cross-referenced with digital logsheets and metadata.

Specifically from the original CJSW website build RFP: 


A number of listeners come to the station because they are a fan of a certain genre of music that we program. We would like to provide listeners with the option to click on a genre stream for jazz or metal and have the system build them out a never-ending stream of that genre’s programs from our podcast archives.


While some folks come for a certain genre of music, many others come for certain personalities or they like many different genres of music. For these folks we would like to have a way on where they can select the programs they love and the system will build them out a personalized stream of their favourite programs back-to-back. The system should also save the users data somehow so that they can jump right back into listening the next time they visit the site. We basically imagine this as a very easy entry way for people to get the

podcast experience without having to know anything about podcasting.


CIVL would like to achieve all of the functionality mentioned by CJRU, as well as ensuring that sponsorship imaging/messaging and host engagement can be integrated into individual program pages as well as the schedule at-large.

  • We would like to implement DJLand or another format of digital logsheets that can be manually edited by volunteers as they host content and connect these to our SAM Broadcaster logs in order to offer real-time online playlists to our website and metadata on song and station info to digital radio displays

  • CIVL wants to offer a portal/page on our website for a network to pages for local bands/venues/groups/etc (a dedicated section of the website for this)

  • CIVL hosts the annual Fraser Valley Music Awards since 2016. We would like a portal for this event on our website. A place where applications, judging and lists of sponsors, prizes, judges, nominees and award winners from current and previous years can be databased and easily accessible, as well as allowing for performers to apply through the website directly, and for people to sign up to judge or sponsor etc.
  • Events Calendar that can notify users that events they’re following are upcoming, and that people are able to submit their own events easily to 
  • Both stations need to be able to offer access to our historic podcast archives through our website, as well as being able to offer a high quality live and archive audio stream that has the capacity to be accessed by up to hundreds of users at a time


These stations have allocated up to $80,000 CAD in total to complete these two website redevelopment projects. 


We would like the websites to be live for the end of September 2020.


Responses to this request for proposals are due by 11:59 PM PST on July 10th. Please send your proposals to .


Proposals submitted should contain a minimum of the following items:

• process plan and timeline for how the project will be completed

• pricing schedule

• a list of key team members and sample work each of them have been principals on in the past

• client references

• your personal connection to radio

Beyond these items, feel free to include anything you think we need to see. If there are items that already live online, feel free to include a link to those things instead of duplicating them in your proposal.

Common Room and CIVL Offer Recording Grant!

May 29th, 2020

Abbotsford, BC – CIVL and the Common Room Music Collective are teaming up. Submissions are now open for the Common Room Recording Grant, for which CIVL is proud to come on board as a major sponsor.

Eligible applicants will have a chance to receive $3,500 to put towards audio recordings for a musical project of their own work.

Full criteria can be found at the, but Fraser Valley musical artists who do not have label support are the primary focus for this prize.

Common Room has been operating based in Abbotsford since 2016, beginning as a songwriter circle that has taken place in backyards and living rooms throughout the Central Valley roughly bi-monthly ever since.

In 2018 Common Room hosted it’s first annual Songwriter’s Retreat in Otter Lake near Princeton, BC, and finally last summer, the collective began fundraising in order to offer a recording grant for local independent artists, and CIVL Radio is pleased to sign on to match those funds, and participate as a long term sponsor of this exciting initiative.

“We’re over the moon that CIVL has decided to partner with us,” says Casey Kowalchuk, one of the Common Room founders. “We did this because we wanted to help the local artists who struggle financially to be able to take that next step, and it’s great that CIVL can come along and help us make that happen.”

CIVL Station Manager Aaron Levy was thrilled to find that Common Room was interested in partnering: “We’ve been watching what they’re doing for years now from the outside, and have been so impressed and proud of what the community has come together to provide for itself in the form of the spaces and opportunities that Common Room have opened up for local artists.”

Applications will be open for two months, and all submissions will be adjudicated by a committee of personnel made up of staff and volunteers from CIVL and Common Room.

The winner of this year’s Common Room Recording Grant will be announced at this year’s Jam in Jubilee webcast at the end of August. WATCH PROMO VIDEO HERE


The RECORDING Project – 1 Year, 20 Artists, 10 Videos, 50k

Abbotsford, BC – CIVL 101.7 FM at the University of the Fraser Valley is proud to present The RECORDING Project, financed by the Community Radio Fund of Canada with a $50,000 grant awarded in 2018.

CIVL spent an entire year collecting interviews and in studio performances from 10 notable touring artists, pairing each with a local artist from the Fraser Valley.

Each week for ten weeks, CIVL will release a new 10 minute video on social media, and a companion interview and performance from a local and touring artist each, broadcast on 101.7 FM and archived for download.

UFV students, CIVL volunteers, and our community radio staff members worked with M.Hutt and Casey Kowalchuk films to bring exciting performances from Juno award winners, Polaris Prize short listers, international educators, local upstarts, and some fun faces from the Canadian media landscape as well!

The schedule of releases goes as follows, with week 1 currently upon us, and each new episode debuting on FM every Sunday, and the videos coming out on social media on Mondays:

Week 1: Stephen Carl O’Shea (You Say Party) and Veronique Noelle (Alt/Punk/Electro)

Week 2: Ed the Sock and UFV Prof Eric Spalding (Comedy/Acoustic)

Week 3: Mob Bounce and JML/Known (Hip Hop)

Week 4: Bird City and David Ivan Neil (Folk/Songwriter)

Week 5: Kimball Gallagher and Kyler Pierce (Classical/Folk)

Week 6: Madison Violet and The Crescent Sky (Folk)

Week 7: Geoff Berner and Alex Rake (Folk)

Week 8: Narcy and Saint Soldier (Hip Hop/Pop)

Week 9: Zaki Ibrahim and Kristin Witko (RnB/Soul/Pop)

Week 10: The Rascalz and HooperTurntSanger (Hip Hop)

Topics covered in RECORDING Project interviews focused on intersectionality, privilege, marginalization and community building. Harry Doupe and Drew Riekman coordinated bookings and logistics, and a variety of CIVL volunteers hosted the interviews in studio under their direction.

Visit for the first episode, and return weekly for new content.


2019 Fraser Valley Music Award Winners List and Pics

Corky’s proved to be the perfect venue for the 4th annual FVMA’s

Winners for the 2019 Fraser Valley Music Awards:

Blues – Dale Sawatzky (Langley)

Country – David Ivan Neil (Abbotsford)

Electronic – Stephen Carl O’Shea & Daniel Ross (Abbotsford)

Experimental – Kristin Witko (Abbotsford)

Folk – West My Friend (Langley)

Ben Cottrill performs to open the show
Misfit from Rascalz announces the Hip Hop category winner

Hip Hop/Urban – Hooper Turnt Sanger (Surrey)

HooperTurntSanger performs before winning the Hip Hop category

Jazz – Natalia Pardalis (Surrey)

Natalia Pardalis performs before winning the Jazz category

Metal – Eric “The Lightning” Taylor (Abbotsford)

Pop – Kristin Witko (Abbotsford)

Punk – Joanie Loves Chachi (Chilliwack)

Joanie Loves Chachi with their Punk award

Rock – Gone Sugar Die (Langley)

Achievement by a Female Artist – Lori Paul (Chilliwack)

Achievement by a First Nations/Indigenous Artist – Alexis Lynn (Surrey)

Achievement by an LGBTQ2+ Artist – Mackenzie Widdows (Mission)

Dakota Leslie Award for Fan Vote – Western Jaguar (Maple Ridge)

Lifetime Achievement – Brian Smith (Langley)

Brian Smith of Trooper receiving the inaugural Fraser Valley Music Lifetime Achievement Award from host and coordinator Harry Doupe

2019 FVMA Nominees Announced!

The jurors have finished their tabulations and the nominees have been set for next week’s Fraser Valley Music Awards.

By category they are:

Dale Sawatzky
Dear Father
Fun For Cover
James Buddy Rogers
Kellen Saip

David Ivan Neil
Dear One
The Eddy J Band
Kellen Saip
Lori Paul and Spiderlodge

DJ Elixir
Kristin Witko
Stephen Carl O’Shea
Travis Colt Murray

Alex Rake and the Leaves
David Ivan Neil
Kristin Witko
Stephen Carl O’Shea
Villain Villain

Bre McDaniel
The Crescent Sky
John Welsh and Los Valientes
Kyler Pierce
West My Friend

Hip Hop/Urban
Hooper Turnt Sanger
Jada Klein
Lil Turtle

Natalia Pardalis
Rachel and Ted Music

Erik “The Lightning” Taylor

Ben Cottrill
Jada Klein
Kristin Witko
Kyler Pierce
The Sylvia Platters

Alex Rake and the Leaves
David Ivan Neil
Joanie Loves Chachi

The Cut Losses
Gone Sugar Die
Kyler Pierce
The Sylvia Platters
Western Jaguar

The previously announced Fan Vote finalists are: Blessed, Casinos, Harma White, Kuri, Loans, David Ivan Neil, Kyler Pierce, Kellen Saip, Western Jaguar, and Kristin Witko.

In addition, there will be special bestowed awards presented for outstanding First Nations/Indigenous and LGBTQ works, as well as the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award being presented to Brian Smith of the iconic Canadian band Trooper.

The jurors were comprised of musicians, music industry, and radio professionals from across the country and included Shaun Verreault, leader of the band Wide Mouth Mason; former Bryan Adams and current Odds drummer Pat Steward, and David Stone, keyboardist for Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow.

Now in their fourth year, the Fraser Valley Music Awards will take place Thursday, November 21st at Corky’s Pub in Chilliwack. For more information please go to

2019 FVMA Fan Voting On Until 11/17!

November 21st, 2019 FVMA Gala Tickets On Sale Here:

No. of Tickets

While you wait eagerly for the announcement of the 2019 Fraser Valley Music Awards Nominees, you can get in on the action yourself, and help to crown the Dakota Leslie Award Winner for 2019!

While you wait eagerly for the announcement of the 2019 Fraser Valley Music Awards Nominees, you can get in on the action yourself, and help to crown the Dakota Leslie Award Winner for 2019!

While you wait eagerly for the announcement of the 2019 Fraser Valley Music Awards Nominees, you can get in on the action yourself, and help to crown the Dakota Leslie Award Winner for 2019!

The winner of this fan vote will walk away with $750 on November 21st at Corky’s in Chilliwack!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE for your favorite of the ten artists most beloved by other musicians who applied for this years’ Fraser Valley Music Awards! Voting closes Nov. 17th!

The 2019 Dakota Leslie Award Finalists:



Harma White



David Ivan Neil

Kyler Pierce

Kellen Saip

Western Jaguar

Kristin Witko

2019 Fraser Valley Music Awards Now Accepting Submissions!

Submissions are now being accepted for the fourth annual Fraser Valley Music Awards (FVMA)!

The awards will be presented in 15 categories on November 21st at Corky’s in Chilliwack, starting at 8:00 p.m.

The location of this year’s festivities coincides with May’s CRTC decision approving a Chilliwack transmitter for CIVL, the University of the Fraser Valley station. Entries will be accepted until October 24th .

New to this year’s awards are a Fan Vote and a special presentation for Lifetime Achievement.

For the third year in a row, hosting and coordinating duties for the gala fall to Fort Langley native and Chilliwack resident Harry Doupe, award show veteran comedian, producer, and writer.

For sponsorship opportunities, media inquiries, or to get more information about the awards please contact

Apply now at!

CIVL’s Top 30 of 2018!

Here’s our year of charts in review! No surprises here, Shadow Steps takes the number one spot for most plays, followed by Nap Eyes in the second spot. Jo Passed, Freak Heat Waves and Mitski all tied for third.

Looking forward to 2019.

Top 30 of 2018

2 NAP EYES*+ I’m Bad Now (You’ve Changed)
3 JO PASSED*+ Their Prime (Royal Mountain)
4 FREAK HEAT WAVES* Beyond XXXL (Telephone Explosion)
5 MISTKI Be the Cowboy (Dead Oceans)
6 BLESSED/TUNIC*+ Blessed Tunic Split (Buzz)
7 LIE*+ Hounds (Mint)
8 BERNICE* Puff: In the Air Without a Shape (Arts & Crafts)
9 JOYFULTALK* Plurality Trip (Constellation)
10 JEREMY DUTCHER* Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa (Self Release/Fontana North)
11 CHRIS-A-RIFFIC*+ Post-Season (Self Release)
12 THE SUBMISSIVES* Pining for a Boy (Egg Paper Factory)
13 NEKO CASE Hell-On (Anti-)
14 WEAVES* Wide Open (Buzz)
15 DOA*+ Fight Back (Sudden Death)
16 LEAH ABRAMSON*+ Song for a Lost Pod (Self Released)
17 COLIN JAMES* Miles to Go (True North)
18 ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER Rebound (Frenchkiss)
19 TE’AMIR Abyssinia EP (Tru Thoughts)
20 MOUNT EERIE Now Only (P.W. Elverum & Sun)
21 JIM JAMES Uniform Distortion (ATO)
22 ANGEL FORREST* Electric Love (Ad Letteram)
23 GRIMES* We Appreciate Power feat. HANA (Single) (4AD)
24 HOP ALONG Bark Your Head Off, Dog (Saddle Creek)
25 AMEN DUNES Freedom (Sacred Bones)
26 HOLY All These Worlds Are Yours (PNKSLM)
27 SUPERORGANISM Superorganism (Domino)
28 MICHAEL NAU AND THE MIGHTY THREAD Michael Nau and the Mighty Thread (Light in the Attic)
29 TOUGH AGE* Shame (Mint)
30 FRANKIE COSMOS Vessel (Sub Pop)