Campus Buzz Winner of Krief and White CDs!

CIVL is QUITE pleased to congratulate Chad Hilton on finding the Campus Buzz headphones on only clue #2 of Round 3!

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As the lucky winner, Chad is the beneficiary of a CIVL gift basket including lots of CIVL Radio swag, and two special CD’s from Canadian solo recording artist Patrick Krief of The Dears, and International Superstar Jack White!
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Here’s a live video from Patrick Krief courtesy of the Montreal Gazette:
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CIVL Live @ Abbyfest @ Agrifair @ 3 pm!

CIVL is stoked like a wild-fire for Abbyfest 2012, and to celebrate the upcoming festivities, we’re live at Agrifair today where Abbyfest holds a full day of fun and fancy free multi-cultural programming with live fiddle music, Roma dancing, Bhangra, Kabbadi, the Parade of Nations and so much more!
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Tune in at 3 pm to hear friend of the station Aird Flavelle and his lovely wife Sheila re-affirm their wedding vows in a mock multi-cultural wedding ceremony!
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