New Adds!

Lots of new adds the past two weeks!
A few highlights include:
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Destroyer – Poison Season (Merge Records) *+
Dan Bejar returns with a new Destroyer album, Poison Season. 
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Teen Daze – Morning World (Paper Bag) *+
Abbotsford’s own Teen Daze. This album has caught the attention of sites like NPR, Stereogum and Pitchfork.
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Overnight – Carry Me Home (Self Release) *
Carla and Lynette Gillis’ debut full length album. Influences range from the Halifax Pop Explosion to 70s classic rock.
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(* = Canadian Content, + = B.C. band)
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New Adds from August 18 – 25:
The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra – Love. (Bitter North)
Middle Sister -Cries of the Wild (Self Release)
Teen Daze – Morning World (Paper Bag Records)
Racoon Bandit – Close Your Eyes (Self Release)
Rachel Sermanni – Tied to the Moon (Middle of Nowhere Recordings)
Destroyer – Poison Season (Merge Records)
Frog Eyes – Pickpocket’s Locket (Paper Bag Records)
Mike Evin – Life as a Lover (Self Release)
Valiska – Repetitions (Bow Bottom Records)
Gregory Pepper & His Problems – Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! (Fake Four Inc.)
Empty Heads – Empty Heads (Self Release)
Postman – Demo (Self Release)
The Now Feeling II – The Return (Self Release)
Fever Dream – The Number Line (Substation Recordings)
Derrival – Departure & Arrival (Half Light)
The Neutral States – Split LP with Little Lovers from Sydney, Australia (Self Release)
Sugar Brown – Poor Lazarus (Full Dynamic/Monaural)
Future – D2S (epic records)
Hex Ray – Coin of the Realm (Self Release)
The Folk – Every Colour, Present Wonder (Self Release)
Noah Gundersen – Carry the Ghost (Dualtone)
Pigeon Breeders – Concrescence (Shaking Box Records)
No River – Katie’s Kitchen (Self Release)
Za Zhong – Hua Li/Gloze (Art Not Love Records)
Johnny Summers – Piano Sessions Volume 2 (Self Release)
Flowshine – Soak Me Like a Wave (Self Release)
Solid Brown – Our Rich Heritage (Self Release)
Black Spruce Bog – Confluence (Self Release)
Sober Becky – Odes and Observations (Self Release)
Ken Stead – Fear Has No Place Here (Self Release)
David Gogo – Vicksburg Call (Cordova Bay Records)
Tzadeka – Beats and Bass are the Basis of My Thesis (Little Whore Records
Ride the Tempo – Weirdest Tuesday (Various Artists) (Baffled Octopi Records)
Nadia Kazmi – Lamb (Twin Sun Records)
Tennyson King – S/T (Self Release)
Kalle Mattson – Avalanches (Self Release)
The Standstills – From the Devil’s Porch (eOne Music Canada)
Overnight – Carry Me Home (Self Release)
Ben Rogers – The Bloodred Yonder (Tonic Records)
Hearing Trees – Dear Sahara (Self Release)
Wondaland Presents – The Eephus (epic records)
Counterparts – Tragedy Will Find Us (New Damage)
No Aloha – No Problem (Self Release)
Before the Flood – Hole in the Sky (Panic Records)
Jenny Ritter – Raised By Wolves (Fiddle Head Records)
Fidlar – Too (dine alone records)
Bullet For My Valentine – Venom (RCA)
Doc Yates Band – Blue Skies Green Eyes (Self Release)

New Music Review

Yukon Blonde – On Blonde
By Glen Ess
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On Blonde, the third release by Kelowna based quintet: Yukon Blonde, joins an ever expanding list of 2015 releases that draw upon the sound of the 80’s. With bands such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Tame Impala, as well as solo acts like Brandon Flowers, Little Boots and Shamir joining in on the fun and releasing groovy releases full to bursting with catchy hooks, Yukon Blonde are certainly in good company with this album.
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Stylistically, the album is driven by the use of synths to create a stunning collection with poppy hooks and catchy choruses. The heavy use of keyboards and synthesizers to drive the album certainly contributes to the retro, glitzy 80’s pop rock feel that permeates throughout each individual song. The first half of the album is powerfully delivered, fast and contains the strongest songs. With “Saturday Night” and “Make U Mine” standing out in particular. After the midway track, “Hannah”, which isn’t as brashly confident as it’s predecessors, serving as a sort of breather before the band builds the intensity back up, culminating in the final two tracks, “Favorite People” and “Jezebel”.
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With the keyboard taking center stage, the rest of the instruments do seem to fade significantly into the background at several points. The drumming is lush but often under utilized and the bass-lines are simplistic, though they contribute heavily to the groovier, more danceable songs, proving that complexity doesn’t necessarily mean quality. The use of guitars however, was timed to perfection, jumping at the exact moment to wrench attention away from the keyboard and command the flow of the song, albeit always on a temporary basis.
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Lyrically, the album contains simple, catchy, repetitive choruses, making it very hard not to join in, especially during “Saturday Night”. The lyrics themselves aren’t particularly deep, or carry much in the way of emotional weight or hidden meanings. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though as it helps avoid the overwrought purple prose that’s chock full of unnecessary imagery. “On Blonde” follows a very simple script, it’s about going out, having a good time and maybe getting someone to go home with you.
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A catchy and easy on the ears release, it may not stick in your mind for very long but it’ll be enjoyable while it lasts, it certainly compares favorably to other 80’s infused releases from this year.
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Highlights: Make U Mine, Saturday Night & Jezebel.

Glen also hosts Rhythm & Rhyme on Fridays from 4-6 on CIVL 101.7 FM 

New Adds! August 8, 2015

Here are a few of our new adds from the past two weeks!
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Fake Tears – Nightshifting (August 7, 2015 – Mint Records)

Fun pop duo from Vancouver, Larissa Loyva (of Kellarissa and Destroyer) and Elisha May Rembold (of the Lost Lovers Brigade). Official release today! Check them out at the Lido in Vancouver on August 15 if you like what you hear.
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Human Music – Sup (May 30, 2015 – Sundowning)

Winnipeg, Manitoba’s Human Music’s define Sup as “easy listening jangle mall pop”. Whatever it is, it’s pretty fun.
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Mas Ysa – Seraph (July 24, 2015 – MMR)
The first full length album from Thomas Arsenault.  The album is a mix of different genres, making it somewhat difficult to pin down Seraph.  Recommended for those who enjoy ambient, synth pop.
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NEW ADDS from July 30 and August 6th

Heartbeat City – Thunder Amongst Us (Manitoba Film & Music)
Patrick Lehman – Butchy’s Son (September/Soul Productions)
Twin Within – Horizontal Lines (Hidden Pony)
Human Music – Sup (Sundowning)
Fake Tears – Nightshifting (Mint Records)
Lamb of God VII: Sturm Und Drans (epic records)
Mas Ysa – Seraph (MMR)
On An On – And the Wave Has Two Sides (Roll Call Records/MMR)
Rhett Miller – The Traveler (ATO Records/Maximum Sunshine)