Hello! The last few weeks have been great for music. Here are a few of samplings with this weeks adds below!

Moss Lime – Zoo du Québec (Insterstellar – Digital Add)
Montreal based “smooth surf” pop.

Kacy & Clayton – Strange Country (Big White Clouds)
Refreshing folk from Glentworth, Saskatchewan artists Kacy Anderson/Clayton Linthicum.

Joanna Newsom – Divers (Drag City – Digital Add)
Long awaited and much anticipated, Newsom’s Divers does not disappoint. The album is beautifully weird.

Fuzz – II (In the Red)
Ty Segall, Charles Moothart, and Chad Ubovich’s follow up to their debut self-titled release.

Joanna Newsom – Divers (Drag City – Digital Add)
Fuzz – II (In the Red – Digital Add)
The Musquadettes – Side B (Costume Records/PaperCup Records)
Hierophants – Parallax Error (Goner)
Kacy & Clayton – Strange Country (Big White Cloud Records)
Elvy – Valley of the Kilowatt Hour (Little Wagon Records)
Majical Cloudz – Are You Alone? (Arts & Crafts)
The Del Fi’s – Crowd Pleaser (Self Release)
Moonchild – Sonic Sculptures EP (Self Release)

Sweet Alibi – Walking in the Dark (MFM)
Laura Sauvage – Americana Submarine (Simone Records)
DRI HIEV – Contravirtual EP (Shake! Records)
Chairs – Drawn Into Mazes (Kinnta)
Raury – All We Need (Columbia)
Juice Box – TETRA PAK (Self Release)
Blue Sky Miner’s – S/T (Self Release)
North Atlantic Explorers – All the Ships at Sea (Anniedale Records)
Krista Hartman – Constellations (Self Release)
Rob Taylor Project – A Special Occasion (Self Release)
Les Revenants – Epouvantails (Costume Records)
Chron Goblin – Backwater (Ripple Music)
Various Artists –Level Up (CJSW 90.9)
Hook and Eye – Start Slow (Medicine Records)
The Hearts – Equal Love (Self Release)
TV Freaks – Bad Luck Charms (Deranged Records)
The Shiverettes – Just Three Songs (Self Release)