UFVCCRS AGM 2nd Attempt

Greetings CIVLians!

Last night, the UFV Campus and Community Radio Society held it’s first attempt at holding this year’s Annual General Meeting.

The second and final attempt is thus Monday, March 22nd at 6:30 pm, with the meeting to convene at 7 pm with a quorum of those present.

Below are the agenda, minutes and reports, as well as the link to this upcoming meeting.

UFVCCRS AGM March 22nd

6:30 pm

Call to Order

1. Approval of Agenda

2. Adoption of Minutes of Dec. 2019 AGM

3. President’s Report

4. ED Report

5. Treasurer’s Report 

A) Acceptance of 2019/20 Year-End    

B) Adoption of 2021/2022 Budget (attached)   

C) Approval of 2020/21 Year-End

6. Election of Directors

7. Adjournment

UFV Campus and Community Radio Society

Annual General Meeting Minutes (draft)

December 3rd 2019UFV AbbotsfordRoom B101

Attendance: Jennifer Trithardt-Tufts, David Myles, Mitch Trainor, Mitch Huttema, Drew Riekman (community), Joe Johnson (volunteer), Darren Blakeborough (Faculty)

AGM Agenda: 8:32

Call to Order 8 pm

1. Approval of Agenda

Mitch H moves to approve

Mitch T seconds


2. Adoption of Minutes from 2018 AGM

Jennifer’s name is updated to reflect accurate spelling

David moves, Mitch H seconds


3. President’s Report

  1. This past year we held a number of significant events such as the 4th FVMA’s in Chilliwack for the first time, at a great venue.
  2. The RECORDING Project was a huge undertaking that’s turned out incredibly successfully
  3. Maintained engagement with Jam in Jubilee as a sustaining sponsor
  4. Tower Transmitter failure occurred in October and was able to be swiftly rectified with CBC’s help
  5. CEP Tower progress has moved forward, including CRTC approval in May.
  6. MOA Update – To be revised as of December (According to Kyle Baillie)
  7. Started offering student scholarships for the first time (Kariton Gallery and JiJ SOCA/MEDA Dept Practicum placements)
  8. Maintained a reasonable level of engagement in consistency with previous years

4. Station Manager’s Report

  1. Hired two Indigenous work study students for the first time
  2. Instituted hourly territory acknowledgements
  3. Ended relationships noncompliant programmers
  4. Initiated youth oriented reconciliation programming at local festivals (Pride/JiJ/Hope Days/MFMF/Symphony In the Park)
  5. SM became President of MFMF in the past year
  6. Board recognizes COA’s 2019 staff budget presentation’s PRC ask directly reflects the ongoing dedication, funding and commitment that CIVL has continued to provide to the Abbotsford Arts Council as a member since 2015 through staff and board engagement on both sides. City staff proposed a $75,000 budget increase for AAC, after over 20 years of receiving under $20,000 annually. CIVL SM (AL) and Secretary (JT-T) sit currently as President and Executive Director, respectively, of AAC, and each acknowledge commitments that reflect this being the case for the coming year as well.

5. Treasurer’s Report:

i.    Adoption of 2018 Auditor’s Report

Move to approve the report:

Mitch H moves

David Seconds


ii.   Approval of 2019/20 Budget

David moves to approve the budget

Jennifer seconds


iii.  Appointment of 2019 Year-End Review

Mitch H moves to approve Wolfe and Co as the 2018/19 auditor for UFVCCRS

David seconds


6. Election of Directors

Jennifer Trithardt-Tufts – C

Mitch Huttema – C

Mitch Trainor – Stu

David Myles – Stu

Swinder Singh – C

Eileen Mendez – C

Darren Blakeborough – Sta

Adam Friesen – Sta

Joel Robertson-Taylor – Stu

Drew Riekman – C

Mitch H moves to ratify all directors standing for election.

Aaron speaks on behalf of Joel, and Darren and Drew both make statements on behalf of their nominations.

Jennifer seconds


7. Scheduling of First Meeting of Directors

Wednesday, January 8th at 6:30 pm

8. Adjournment 9:35

Mitch H Motions

Mitch T Seconds