2017 Nominees

Category Nominees
Kristin Witko (Abbotsford)
Ben Cottrill (Abbotsford)
Jada Klein (Abbotsford)
Future Father Figures (Maple Ridge/Abbotsford/Van)
Patrick Joliceour (Abbotsford)
Future Father Figures (Abbotsford) (2nd this year)
Brander Raven McDonald (Chilliwack)  
Kyler Pierce (Abbotsford)
Dear Father (Langley)
Coalmont (Abbotsford) (2nd FVMA Nom Overall)
Kristin Witko (Ab) (2nd FVMA Nom this year)  
Blessed (Ab/Mission/Chwk) (2nd FVMA Nom Overall)  
Little Evening (Langley)
Pest Synapse (Ab)
Stephen Carl O’Shea (Ab) (2nd FVMA Nom Overall)
The Kwerks (Lang) (2nd FVMA Nom overall)  
Rosemary & the Sweet Sound Revival (Burnaby)  
Whiskeyjays (Lang)
Kyler Pierce (Ab) (2nd FVMA Nom)
JD Miner (Lang) (2nd FVMA Nom Overall)
Hip Hop/RnB
Hope Surrey/Van)  
Mamarudegyal MTHC (Burnaby)  
Saint Soldier (Ab) (Inaugural Hip Hop Category Winner, 2nd Nom)
Felonius Chino (Ab) (2nd FVMA Nom Overall)
Hubbo (Ab)
Without Mercy (Ab)
Erik ” The Lightning” Taylor (Ab)
Blessed (A/M/C) (2nd this year, 3rd overall)
TestTubeBaby (Coquitlam/Ab)
Pest Synapse (Ab) (2nd this year)
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (Chwk)  
Jeremy Allingham (Van/Lang) (2nd FVMA nom overall)  
Ria Jade (Po-Co) (2nd FVMA Nom overall)  
The Sylvia Platters (Ab) (2nd FVMA Nom Overall)
Casinos (Ab) (2nd FVMA Nom Overall)
Kristin Witko (Ab) (3rd)  
Travis Murray (Ab)  
Kenneth Kraylie (Ab)  
Stephen Carl O’Shea (Ab) (2nd this year, 3rd overall)
Test Tube Baby (Coq/Ab) (Second Nom Overall)
David Gogo (Miss)  
Harpdog Brown (Surr) (2nd Nomination Overall)  
Steve Kozak Band (Bur)  
James Buddy Rogers (MR) (2nd Nomination Overall)
The Burn-Ins (Elkford/MR) (2nd Nomination Overall)
Excellence Female Artist  
The Kwerks (Lang) (3rd overall, 2nd this year)
Coalmont (Ab) (3rd overall, 2nd this year)
Mamarudegyal MTHC (Bur) (2nd this year)
Jada Klein (Ab) (2nd this year)
Rosemary & the Sweet Sound Revival (Bur) (2nd this year)
Excellence First Nations Artist  
Gerald Charlie and Black Owl BLues (Lake Errock)
Felonius Chino (Ab) (3rd overall, 2nd this year)
Brander Raven McDonald (Chk) (2nd this year)
Hope (Van/Sur) (2nd this year)
Mamarudegyal MTHC (Bur) (3rd this year)
Excellence Queer Artist    
Kristin Witko (Ab) (4th this year)    
  Mamarudegyal MTHC (Bur) (4th This Year)      
TestTubeBaby (V/A) (3rd this year)
Excellence Youth Artist
Alexandra Salvador (Ab)      
  Jada Klein (Ab) (3rd this year)      
  The Basement Sweets (Miss)      
  Charlie Nam (Ch)