Apr 16 2013

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 16 April 2013

Attended by Greg Aitken (Secretary), Swinder Pal Singh (Director), Darren Ollinger (Treasurer (outgoing)), Sydney Lamirand (Director), Dustin Ellis (President (outgoing, incoming Treasurer)), Jeff Stackhouse (Director), Aaron Levy (Station Manager)


1 Approve Agenda

2 Adopt Minutes

3 Election of Officers

4 Station Manager’s Report

6 Extraordinary General Meeting Discussion

7 Old Business

8 New Business

9 Adjourn

Call to Order, Dustin.  5:35pm

1  Motion to approve the Agenda.  Moved by Jeff, Sydney.  All in favour, Motion carried.

2  Motion to adopt the Minutes of 7 March 2013 as presented.  Moved by Sydney.  All in favour except Darren, who abstains, Motion carried.

3  Motion to appoint Russell Arbuthnot as President, Dustin Ellis as Treasurer (Darren Ollinger to continue providing financial scrutiny via the Finance Committee), Greg Aitken to continue as Secretary of the Society. Moved by Jeff.  All in favour, Motion carried.

4  Station Manager’s Report.  See attached.

5  Motion to go in-camera to discuss a legal matter.  Moved by Dustin. All in favour, Motion carried.  Exit in-camera 6:15pm.  Sydney leaves meeting.

Action:  Aaron, Dustin and Swinder to draft a letter of concern to Immigration Canada on behalf of the Board (partially in order to update Station policy).

6  Motion to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting on 24/31 July 2013 for the purpose of appointing an Auditor for the 2012-13 fiscal year and introducing a Vice President position bylaw.  Moved by Jeff, Darren.  All in favour, Motion passed.

7  None

8  (Swinder) 10:00 – 11:30am May Citizenship Oath Ceremony at Matsqui Auditorium will be considered by the Programming Committee for live broadcast.

(Dustin) Request for Aaron to retrieve CIVL’s old bus advertisement boards for reuse at future events/promotions.

9  Motion to adjourn until  ?? May 2013.  Moved by Darren.  All in favour, meeting adjourned 7:30pm.