April 14 2015

CIVL Board meeting Minutes
April 14th, 2015
Present: Greg Aitken, Jonathan Hughes, Swinder Pal K Singh, Sonja Klotz, Aaron Levy,
Joe Johnson, Jay Mitchell, Robin Pittman, Brandon Greaves, John Henderson,
-Call to order at 5:49pm

1. Agenda
Agenda item # 4 needs to be in Camera
– Motion to approve the agenda with changes
-Jonathan: first
-Approved unanimously

2. Minutes
– Motion to approved Minutes as presented
– Jonathan :First
-Approved –All in favour Swinder: abstained

3. Election of officers
Chair – Jonathan Hughes name was nominated
Nomination accepted.
Vice-chair- Sonja Klotz name was nominated
Nomination accepted
Treasurer- Joe Johnson name was nominated
Nomination accepted
Secretary – Greg Aitken name was nominated
Nomination accepted

Motion: Motion to accept all these nominations.
First : Jonathan
Second: John
All in favour-Approved

4. Hiring update- In camera discussion
Motion to go in camera at 6:50pm by Jonathan
Motion to go out of camera at 7:25pm by Jonathan
5. Move Update
– April 20th everything will be moved to new studios.
-On air studio will be last to move to keep up the continuity of the broadcast.
-Trainings can start before April 20th if studios are ready.
-CIVL is now officially in UFV space.

6. NCRA:
Aaron is attending NCRA conference in June and would like to vote on behalf of CIVL at the conference.
-Motion : “ BIRT Station Manager Aaron Levy be empowered to vote on behalf of CIVL at NCRC at Saint John”
– First: Jonathan
-Approved-all in favour
Action: Aaron to bring names of volunteers who are interested in attending NCRC.

7. Visioning:
-Board visioning to be done in next meeting.
-May 9th is volunteer’s appreciation day.
-Action: Set up May meeting date and agenda for the next board meeting.

8. Adjourn:
Motion to adjourn the meeting
First: Jonathan
All in favour –Approved. 7:30PM