August 31 2015

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 31 August 2015 by Greg Aitken

Attended by Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Greg Aitken (Secretary), Sonja Klotz (Vice President), Joe Johnson (Treasurer), James Thornton (FVMA Coordinator), Swinder Pal Singh (Director), Jonathan Hughes (President), Robin Pittman (Director), Rajneesh Dhawan (Director)

A Review Agenda
B Review Minutes
C Business
1 Establishing Salaried Employees
a Station Manager Contract
b Employee Performance Reviews
2 NCRA Conference 2017
3 SUS Business
4 Procedures and Policies Committee Update
5 After-hours Station Access
6 Website Updates
D Announcements
E Adjournment

Call to Order 5:50pm, Jonathan
A Motion to approve the Agenda. Moved by Jonathan, all in favour; motion passed.
B Motion to adopt the Minutes of 29 June 2015 as amended. Moved by Sonja, all in favour except Swinder, Sonja abstain; motion passed.
C 1a Station Manager contract line by line examination. Cost of living clause, retirement funding dropped from CUPE template. Benefit top-up limited only by annual health/dental benefit budget line item.
Motion to approve the reviewed contract document for Station Manager. Moved by Sonja, Raj, all in favour; motion passed.
Action: Jonathan to sign the approved draft (sent to Board members’ emails for final review) before next Board Meeting.
C 1b Employee Performance Review Committee formed. Jonathan, Rajneesh and Sonja volunteer.
C 2 NCRC 2017
No update yet.
C 3 Student Union Society Business Update. Offer of SUS Board Member to sit in CIVL Board declined in principle. General belief that CIVL needs to maintain autonomy as it develops its vision while settling into its new space. Student ratio of CIVL Board deemed sufficient to represent student concerns.
C 4 Policies/Procedures Committee goal to incorporate visioning mandates now that basic framework done.
C 5 Update by Aaron on the situation.
C 6 Fraser Valley Music Awards Coordinator new hire James Thornton welcomed by the Board. James’ past success establishing the Vancouver Island Music Awards noted.
D Aaron thanks the Board for continued support for his initiatives.
E Motion to adjourn. Moved by Jonathan, all in favour; meeting adjourned 7:50pm.