Dec 5 2012

Board of Directors Meeting December, 5th 2012:


1. Call to Order
2. Approval of the Agenda
3. Adoption of the Minutes from 7 November 2012
4. Station Manager’s Report
A Programming
B Promotions
C Hiring
D Annual General Meeting
E Data Collection Survey
5. New Business
6. Adjourn

Meeting Attendance: Greg Aitken (Secretary), Russell Arbuthnot (Director), Dustin Ellis (President), Adam Nathe (Director), Sophia Suderman (Fundraising Drive Coordinator), Larry Portelance (Programmer), David Cowan (Volunteer), Shelley Stefan (Director, via speakerphone), Aaron Levy (Station Manager)

1. Call to Order 5:30pm, Dustin

2. Motion to approve the Agenda. Moved by Shelley, Adam. All in favour, motion carried.

3. Adoption of the Minutes as presented. Moved by Greg, Russell. All in favour except Shelley, who abstains, motion passed.

4. Station Manager’s Report – see attached.
A. Website renovation nearing completion. Dustin and Aaron to consult with volunteers regarding January launch.
B. Aaron prepared congratulatory letter; Dustin to add a few lines on behalf of the Board.
C. Hiring. Assistant Fundraising Drive Coordinator plan explained.
Motion to accept the hiring proposal as presented. Moved by Dustin, Shelley. All in favour, motion passed.
D. Motion to call an Annual General Meeting on 14 March 2013. Moved by Dustin, Adam. All in favour, motion passed.
E. Data Collection Surveys for the CRTC. An update for our DCS Instruction Guide to add budget year offsetting instructions planned/presented.
F. Conversations with UFV Vice President, Students took place; negotiations for new Memorandum of Agreement anticipated in January.

5. CIVL Stage 8 a great success at Aftermath noted by Larry, over 100 attendees. Steve O’Shay worked with Larry to make this a success.

6. Motion to adjourn until 9 Jan 2013. Moved by Russell, Adam. All in favour, meeting adjourned.