December 11 2013

Minutes of CIVL Board Meeting 11 December 2013

Taken by Greg Aitken (Secretary); Also in attendance, Swinder Pal Singh (Director),

Sydney Lamirand (Director), Adam Nathe (Director), Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Russell

Arbuthnot (President), Dessa Bayrock, Joe Johnson (Cascade Newspaper)


1 Approve Agenda

2 Adopt Minutes 18 November

3 Winter Promotions Plan

4 Canada Summer Jobs

5 Station Manager’s Report

6 Treasurer Position

7 Adjournment

Call to Order 5:43pm, Adam (Meeting Chair).

1 Motion to approve the Agenda. Moved by Sydney. All in favour, motion approved.

2 Motion to adopt the Minutes of 18 November 2013 as presented. Moved by Greg. All in

favour except Swinder, who abstains, motion approved.

3 Motion to hold a referendum asking UFV students to increase their semesterly

UFVCCRS (CIVL Radio) student fee by $4.85 or less starting no earlier than the 13th of

January 2014 and ending no later than the 20th of January 2014. Moved by Russell. All in

favour, motion approved.

4 Canada Summer Jobs program has awarded CIVL Radio funding for one summer

position in the past. Discussion on how best to make use of this opportunity for next

year’s application. Aaron leaning towards creating a technical position.

5 Station Manager’s Report, see attached.

Action: Aaron to formulate a vacation plan to utilize accumulated days due for approval

at our next Board Meeting. The idea of taking one day per week, alternating days, was

discussed as an option.

6 Appointment of a Treasurer to fill vacancy created by Dustin’s departure. Tabled until

next meeting due to absence of candidates.

7 Motion to adjourn until 5:30pm Wednesday 15 January 2014. Moved by Swinder. All in

favour, meeting adjourned at by Adam at 6:45pm. Social get together at AESC follows.