December 14th 2015

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 14 December 2015 taken by Greg

Attended by Greg Aitken (Director/Secretary), Robin Pittman (Director), Cora Price (Employee), Sylvia Rempel (Volunteer), Rajneesh Dhawan (Director), Jonathan Hughes (Director/President), Joe Johnson (Director), Ben Cadieux (Contract Staff), Eileen Mendez (Volunteer/video production staff)

1 Station Manager’s Report
2 Program Director’s Report via Aaron
3 Policy Committee Update
4 Aaron’s Employee Review Update
5 Website (Brandon)

Call to Order, 5:58pm, Jonathan.

Motion to approve the Agenda. Moved by Jonathan. All in favour, motion passed.

Motion to adopt the Minutes of 28 September 2015 as presented. Moved by Joe. All in favour, motion passed.

1 Station Manager’s Report – see attached.

2 Program Manager’s Report – see attached.

3 CIVL Radio Board & Society Manual. Basic workings of the Station and timing of activities detailed. Policy content planned but not yet complete. Mostly drawing existing documents together. Expected completion for next Annual General Meeting.

4 Form prepared (using Dave’s review as a template) and edited for clarity. Contacts being finalized by Jonathan, Rajneesh and Sonja for sending out in January.

5 Ad banners to be added to website. Ben notes FVMA added to menu bar.
Brandon (away sick) has design ideas. Ben to program the new look and functions to suit.
Ben reports podcast system needs programming overhaul for simplicity, functionality/user interface and performance.
Ben reports a router has been added to allow updating programming without taking the Station offline.

Motion to adjourn, 7:31pm, Jonathan. All in favour, meeting adjourned.