December 16 2014

UFVCCRS Board Meeting Minutes 2014-12-16 by Greg Aitken

Attended by Greg Aitken (Director), Brandon Greaves (Director), Robin Pitman (Treasurer), Joe Johnson (Director), Jonathan Hughes (President), Aaron Levy (Station Manager)

1 Approval of Agenda
2 Adoption of Minutes
3 Present Visioning Results
4 Grants
5 Promotions Terms of Reference
6 SM Contract Review
7 New Business
8 Adjournment

Call to Order, 6:02pm, Jonathan.

1 Motion to approve the Agenda. Moved by Brandon. All in favour, motion passed.

2 Motion to adopt the Minutes of 2014 October 18 as presented. Moved by Robin. All in favour, motion passed.

3 Visioning results. Motion to table discussion until the next Board meeting due to low attendance. Moved by Jonathan. All in favour, motion approved.

4 BC Gaming Grants information from Aaron. Suggestion by Greg that if the organization fails our advertiser standard, perhaps we should refrain from accepting funding from them.

5 Promotions Committee Terms of Reference. Motion to approve the 2014 September 18 draft ToR for the Promotions Committee. Moved by Jonathan. All in favour, motion passed.

6 Station Manager Contract. Discussion cut short as Brandon must attend Student Union Society meeting at 6:30 in the same room.

7 None.

8 Motion to adjourn. Moved by Brandon. All in favour; meeting adjourned 6:30pm.