December 5th 2016

UFV Campus and Community Radio Society

Board of Directors Meeting

Monday, December 5th, 6:15

UFV Abbotsford Campus

Attendance: Aaron Levy (S.M), Sonja Klotz, Glen Ess, Panku Sharma, Rajnish Dhawan, Swinder Singh, Eileen Mendez, Brandon Greaves, Greg Aitken.

Regrets: Jonathan Hughes, John Henderson, Mitch Huttema

Chair: Sonja Klotz (Amended: Eileen to chair)

Minutes: Glen Swarnadhipathi

  1. Call to Order: 6:15

  2. Approval of Minutes: Approved (Sonja moves) 1 abstention.

  3. Approval of Agenda: Approved (Brandon moves) unanimous.

  4. Reports:

    1. Station Manager’s report:

      1. Action: Aaron & Rajnish to discuss with Academic Success Centre (A.S.C.) modifications to ASC employees program with CiVL.

    2. Program Director’s report:

    3. NCRC 2016 update:

  5. Business:

    1. RBC Motion update:

      1. Motion to amend the motion from September

      2. Original motion reads:

        1. Credit Card switching over to independent credit card

          1. Motion to authorize SM Aaron Levy to open an account with RBC.

            1. Motioned Eileen, Seconded Panku; passed.

      3. Amended to include the deposit of $3000 in GIC’s and the opening of a credit card rather than account.

        1. Greg moved, Brandon seconds; passed.

    2. Societies Act update:

      1. Sonja and Glen to contact Sukhi to obtain more information

    3. Motion re: CRFC FVMA grant application:

      1. Action: Aaron to apply as signing authority for Radiometers Grant to extend the second Fraser Valley Music Awards by initiating a partnership with the Abbotsford Arts Council’s Envision Financial Concert Series.

        1. Brandon moves, passed, unanimous.

    4. Tenants Meeting:

      1. Motion to present the drafted letter at the Tenant’s Meeting Agenda.

        1. Brandon  motions, Panku seconds, passed.

    5. Year End Review approval:

      1. Panku motions, Sonja seconds, passed.

    6. SUS Representative Update:

      1. SUS to contact CIVL re: Second Floor gender neutral bathrooms.

    7. Other: ACS workshops to begin on Dec. 20th at noon. Panku and Glen to coordinate.

  6. In-Camera (Labour)

    1. Panku motions to enter, Brandon seconds, passed.

    2. Glen motions to leave, Swinder seconds, passed.

    3. Motion to pay Kuhn LLP for services rendered.

  1. Adjourn: 7:48