Feb 6 2013

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 6 Feb 2013

Attended by: Greg Aitken (Secretary, UFV Staff), Dustin Ellis (President), Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Adam Nathe (Director), Larry Portelance (Programmer), Johnny Komitoudis (Director), Swinder Pal Singh (Director), Tina Cho (Programmer), Sophia Suderman (Fund Raising Coordinator), Mark McDougall

1 Agenda
2 Minutes of 9 January
3 Station Manager’s Report
4 Annual General Meeting
a Review Budget and Treasurer’s Report
b Posters and Preparation
5 Grants
6 New Business
7 Adjourn

Call to order at 5:47pm, Dustin.
1 Motion to adopt the Agenda. Moved by Johnny, Adam. All in favour, motion carried.

2 Motion to approve the Minutes of 9 January 2013 as presented. Moved by Dustin. All in favour except Adam, who abstains. Motion Passed.

3 Station Manager’s Report (see attached)
Motion to add Victoria McMillan and Adam Nathe to the Programming Committee. Moved by Dustin, Johnny. All in favour except Adam, who abstains.
Motion to register CIVL as a group member of the Abbey/Abbotsford Arts Council. Moved by Adam. All in favour, motion carried.

4 Annual General Meeting
Action: Aaron to help Darren revise the draft Budget Report prior to presentation at the AGM.
Note: AGM to be held in A225
Action: Dustin to send current copy of the Society’s Bylaws to Victoria registry; Aaron to arrange payment of same.

5 Grants
Federal Student Summer Works Program proposals:
‘Cruiser’ to publicise the Station out and about town
‘Punjabi Programming Coordinator’

6 New Business
Action: Aaron to enquire upon ListServe regarding a fundraising concept under debate.
Larry Portelance is running for National Campus Radio Association (NCRA) Director. Voting takes place on 25 February.
Motion for CIVL representative to vote in the upcoming NCRA Bielection. Moved by Adam. All in favour, motion passed.

7 Motion to adjourn until 7 March 5pm. Moved by Johnny. All in favour, meeting adjourned.