July 30 2014

CIVL Board meeting Minutes

Present: Greg Aitken, Russell Arbuthnot, Jonathan Hughes, Swinder Pal K Singh, Joe Johnson, Jay Mitchell, Aaron Levy, Brandon Leaves

Meeting called in order at 6:05pm

1. Agenda –Approved as presented

-Russell : first

-Approved unanimously

2. Minutes- Approved as presented

– Brandon :First

-Approved –all in favour Russell, Jonathan and Swinder abstained

3. SUS Operational charges

SUS response regarding the operational charges related to the CIVL space was forwarded to all SUS is supportive of CIVL’s request for consideration to waive the operating cost charges related to the CIVL space in the new SUB. They are still working on it and will inform us once

4. Review of Station Manager Report

5. Next grant application is due on Aug 31. What should we apply for?

There are four options:

1. Full Time News Director (Dependent on NCRA/Grounwdire Steering Committee)

2. Technical Resource Development:

Hire a person from October to July for full time hours at market rate, or as close to as possible, ($28/hr for 25 hr/wk, 36 weeks) in order to properly research, purchase, install, trouble shoot, and train CIVL programmers in conjunction with Station Manager on the usage and operation of CIVL’s new broadcast studios. Essentially, CIVL is spending over $50,000 on new studios in the next year, and to move into our new space, so this grant would hire someone with focused expertise to help the station manager in overseeing that relatively short period of growth.

Hire someone for one year to simultaneously do outreach and research into CIVL’s listenership.

CIVL serves several communities, generally Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Langley, and Pitt Meadows. This makes it possible to carry out one month of training, one month of on the job preparation, and then spend a month each carrying out listenership surveys in different parts of each community, soliciting feedback, processing the data received, engaging in focused promotions as a result of that feedback, moving on to another community, and returning to those communities in the second half of the project to repeat the same month long cycle, while measuring the effectiveness of our outreach and trying to find a baseline of listenership and other audience metrics in order to promote our efforts to potential partners and/or

4. Live In Studio Performances

CIVL volunteers and staff are very enthusiastic about the potential for CIVL to host more live on air in studio band performances. One possibility for this grant would be to hire someone to coordinate a regular series of performances over the course of a year and promote, tech, and set up an infrastructure through training dedicated volunteers on all of the necessities of continuing this kind of work after the grant timeline has been completed.

Board of Directors recommended option #2 Technical Resource Development

Whereas CIVL is moving into a new Student Union Building in the spring of 2015,

Whereas CIVL has only one full time staff member responsible for overall station operations,

Whereas the CRFC is seeking submissions for its next round of Radiometres grant involving projects to be completed by Fall 2015,

Be It Resolved That the UFVCCRS apply for a technical/physical resource officer grant, under the supervision of the Station Manager from the CRFC, in order to hire personnel to research, purchase equipment for, and outfit new broadcast and production studios in the new Student Union Space to be moved into by mid2015

-Braden: First

-Jonathan: Second

-Approved – all in favour

6. BOD meeting organization

-Set next meeting before adjourning

-Next meeting Aug 19th

7.Podcast quality improvements?

-CIVL will implant a new sound card into the podcasting server in order to bring up sound

quality levels. One new soundcard was not compatible in outputting from the podcast system, other hardware has been tested and rendered inconclusive. Ben is researching more options.

We might have to redue the whole system. Jonathan has suggested a name and he might be able to help with this issue.

8. BOD vision – Tabled to next meeting

9. Adjournment : Next meeting Aug 19th

First :Brandon

All in favour -Adjourned

at 5:30pm