Jun 6 2012

CIVL Board Meeting 6pm 6 June 2012 Minutes
Chaired by Sydney Lamirand (Director). Minutes by Greg Aitken (Secretary)
Also in attendance: Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Swinder Pal Singh, Adam Nathe, Russell Arbuthnot (Directors), Darren Ollinger (Treasurer) and David Cowan, Maxine Cowan (Members)

1. Motion to approve the Agenda – see attached.
Moved by Darren.
All in favour, motion passed.

2. Motion to adopt the minutes of 14 May 2012 as presented.
Moved by Darren.
All in favour, motion passed.

3. 0. Station Managers Report – see attached.

3.1. Action: Aaron to canvas previous newscasters for ideas for improvements/ideas to incorporate into a revised CRFC grant application.

3.2. Sydney Lamirand will Chair the CIVL Extraordinary General Meeting.

3.3.1. Aaron will email the Board on Thursday regarding possibly hosting the CRFC Conference in 2013.

3.3.2. Motion to approve/delegate Aaron Levy and Dustin Ellis to vote at NCRA Plenary on behalf of CIVL Radio in any NCRA voting matters.
Moved by Russell, Darren.
All in favour, motion passed.

3.4. Motion to approve Aaron’s vacation schedule as proposed: A week following the NCRC Conference, a week in August, two days in July.
Moved by Adam, Swinder.
All in favour except Darren, abstains, motion passed.

4. Motion for Dustin to draft and send a non-binding Memorandum of Intent to UFV Capital Projects regarding future CIVL planning.
Moved by Greg, Russell.
All in favour, motion passed.

5. Labour discussion in camera. No motion or action results.

6. Motion to adjourn until 5:30 pm Wednesday 27 June 2012 (EGM).
Moved by Russell, Sydney.
All in favour, motion passed.