Mar 7 2013

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 7 March 2013

Attended by: Greg Aitken (Secretary), Sydney Lamirand (Director), Adam Nathe (Director),

Dustin Ellis (President), Johnny Komitoudis (Director), Tavleen Sahota (Student, Volunteer),

Shelley Stefan (Director, present 5:25 -5:35), Russell Arbuthnot (Director, joining 5:30),

Aaron Levy (Station Manager)


1 Approve Agenda

2 Approve Minutes of 6 February

3 Station Manager’s Report

4 Annual General Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

5 New Business


6 Adjourn

Call to Order at 5:18pm, Dustin.

1 Motion to adopt the Agenda. Moved by Johnny. All in favour, motion carried.

2 Motion to approve the Minutes of 6 February as presented. Moved by Dustin. All in

favour except Sydney, who abstained, motion passed.

3 Motion to appoint Johnny Komitoudis, Tavleen Sahota and Daryl Johnson to the

Programming Committee. Moved by Dustin, Sydney. All in favour except Johnny, who

abstained, motion passed.

CIVL AGM Minutes 2012-03-09

Motion to go in-camera, 5:30pm. Moved by Adam, Sydney. All in favour, motion

passed. Exiting camera 5:40pm.

Action: Aaron to consult Satwinder Bains and Swinder Pal Singh regarding an immigration

related issue.

4 Motion to examine and vote via email for the 2013-14 Budget to be presented at

the Annual General Meeting. Voting to occur on or before 13 March 12am. Moved by

Sydney. All in favour, motion carried.

5A By moving to a two year contract over $600 will be saved and rates will be frozen;

unless extra coverage is required.

5B Motion to go in camera 6:51pm. Moved by Adam, Johnny. All in favour, motion

passed. Exit from camera 7:31pm.

Action: Board to draft a letter notifying a volunteer of his obligation to complete an

unresolved conflict resolution process.

6 Motion to adjourn until 14 March 2013. Moved by Adam, Russell. All in favour,

meeting adjourned.