March 19 2014, BoD and AGM

CIVL Radio Board of Directors Meeting

Wednesday March 19, 2014

5:45 p.m.


Attendees: Sydney Lamirand, Swinder Pal Singh, Adam Nathe, Aaron levy, Jonathan

Hughes, Beau O’Neill, Jeff Stackhouse, Robin Pittman, Larry Portelance, Joe Johnson,

Russell Arbuthnot

1. Adoption of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda



2. Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes



3. CRFC Report

The Current CRFC grant is in its last half of use for Student Fee Programming. The

myufv polls have concluded that Students don’t know the value of CIVL Radio and

CIVL is the lowest appreciated organization on campus. Aaron in consultation with the

Vice Provost of UFV has submitted a grant proposal for a “RADIO” position that would

begin in May.

4. Station Managers Report

A feasibility study for the Canada Education Park campus broadcast had taken place.

This study has identified our opportunities for broadcast in Chilliwack. The feasibility

study has taken place at a cost of 2997.50 dollars. A potential broadcast frequency is

92.3 FM. As a result of the study, it was identified that CEP building A is not a suitable

site for a tower, but a nearby ridge may be workable. Aaron is working with Craig

Toews on potential tower locations for Chilliwack campus.

5. In Camera

Motion to go in camera at 6:25 p.m.



Out of Camera at 6:36 p.m.

Motion to approve the 2014/2015 budget as presented



Motion to Adjourn




Wednesday March 19, 2014

6:40 p.m.


Attendees: Sydney Lamirand, Satwinder Pal Singh, Adam Nathe, Aaron levy, Johnathan

Hughes, Beau O’Neil, Jeff Stackhouse, Robin Pittman, Larry Portelance, Joe

Johnson, Russell Arbuthnot

1. Adoption of Agenda

Motion to approve the agenda



2. Approval of Minutes

Motion to approve the minutes



3. Presidents Report


• CIVL received funding from CRFC (Community Radio Fund of Canada) for a

fundraising drive coordinator. Sophia Suderman was hired on to direct CIVL’s

first ever fundraising drive. We held a number of fundraising activities, among

them was an extended battle of the bands competition and drive-in movie night.

The fundraiser was a great success with total funds raised surpassing our high

watermark of $10,000.

• Aaron and Dustin attended the NCRA conference in Winnipeg

• A revised Memorandum of Agreement was signed between CIVL and UFV.

• Also in May, Sydney raised the idea of eliminating WinAmp due to reduced

The deal continues to ensure that CIVL will be provided with a reasonable space

in which to conduct their business.

necessity for it and an increase in software related quality issues affecting on-air



• Negotiations with the Abbotsford Heat hockey club began in early summer.

Negotiations culminated in CIVL being the terrestrial broadcast partner of

the Abbotsford Heat in exchange for in-kind advertising and fundraising

opportunities. The deal was the result of a number of negotiating sessions

dating back to 2011 when CIVL was first contacted by the hockey team. We are

currently in the midst of our singer/songwriter competition in conjunction with

the Heat.

• Further discussion took place regarding the elimination of WinAmp,

spearheaded by Greg, after consistently rectifying overdriven on air levels after

evening programming was left on high


• Society treasurer Dustin Ellis relocated to the interior and was designated

• Shane Potter approached CIVL with a proposal to aid the society in a

• CIVL receives $10,000 in order to fund another CRFC grant, this one

• Excerpt from November meeting minutes: “Aaron to troubleshoot and assess

policy ex-officio as per his wishes.

referendum asking to raise the student levy. He would take the lead role in

promoting and developing the referendum strategy. It was the board’s wish to

proceed with the referendum at the beginning of the 2014 Winter semester.

looking into UFV student fees in comparison to other schools and the value

provided. The goal is to produce 2.5 hours of weekly programming for four

months focused on the topic, eliciting feedback from students and interviewing

administrators, student leaders, and other UFV student fee paying members. Still

in progress.

the cross-functionality of WinAmp. WinAmp to be uninstalled permanently if

sound level issues cannot be resolved. Johnny attests to the relative ease with

which Programmers can make the switch to Sam Broadcaster.”


• Director Tavleen Sahota was appointed treasurer.

• Referendum passed in January, increasing CIVL’s fee by $4.85 per semester

per student, representing roughly a 160% increase in overall funding for the



• UFV Board of Governors ratifies CIVL’s student levy increase

• Aaron finally relents at the behest of Greg to uninstall WinAmp

4. Treasurers Report


CIVL brought in over $30,000 more than was projected at the end of the 2012/13 year

for 2013/14, almost entirely based on grants (+/- $20,000) from the CRFC, NCRA and

Canada Summer Jobs, as well as our surprisingly successful fundraising drive (+/-


Business income was otherwise low by about $2,000 from what was projected, as focus

was made on financial stability through retracted operational spending, in addition to

CIVL’s forecasted growth via our January funding increase referendum.

The projections for proposed budgets in 2014 and 2015 that are presented will take

into account several factors in order to appropriately allocate the new funding increase;

1. CIVL will likely move to a new studio in the next year. In preparation for this, new

equipment has been budgeted for purchase, in consultation with the Board of Directors,

such that two new studios can be built in the new space before moving in some time

during early 2015. Estimates based on CFRU 93.3 FM in Guelph’s creation of two new

studios in 2009 should see CIVL spending roughly between $22-30,000 per studio,

utilizing some current physical resources, as well as refitting our new studios with up to

date equipment that will help the station run and sound better.

2. CIVL has already begun spending money on a potential expansion into Chilliwack.

The estimated $11,000 that would go towards feasibility studies and engineering briefs

in order to prepare for CIVL’s research dedicated towards Chilliwack broadcast appear

to have been over-estimated, as a new engineer has been recommended by Grant

McCormick, the engineer in charge of all of CIVL’s successful CRTC applications since

2009. This sees our feasibility study costs cut by roughly 40%, however the news that

we’ve received is bittersweet.

Yes, there is an available frequency in Chilliwack that CIVL could potentially broadcast

with if a CRTC application is approved, however 92.3 FM is unserviceable from the

current tower on CEP campus’s A building, and thus two options remain. CIVL can

either look into building another tower elsewhere on the CEP campus, or otherwise

pay rent on an off campus site that has been identified as potentially effective by the

engineer retained to conduct our feasibility study, one Ray Carnovale.

The cost of either option remains to be seen, but capital funds have been earmarked

in the 2014/15 and 2015/16 budgets in order to prepare for the likelihood that one of

these two proposals will need to be engaged upon in order to functionally broadcast in


3. CIVL has been abnormally understaffed for a fully functioning FM radio operation

broadcasting 24/7/365, and this is a consideration taken into effect when presenting

the budget for the 2015/16 year.

While board of directors conversations have moulded an updated Station Manager’s

salary (represented as gross, not net earnings), funds earmarked as dedicated towards

additional full time staff compliments (as net earnings plus employment remittance)

have the goal of providing for a budget within which quality staff can be attracted

to work at CIVL, bringing experience and ability to an already effective team of staff,

volunteers and board members.

$500 per month is budgeted in the first year in order to keep technical advisor Ben

Cadieux on retainer — Ben might be seen as the man behind the iron curtain with

regards to CIVL’s historical technical resource development, as CIVL Radio founder

Doug McLean relied on him heavily for development of the initial CIVL servers and

coding input, as well as our initial implementation on FM via the B building tower that

went up on September 7th of 2010.

Ben is contributing between 10-20 hours a month on CIVL technical operations

including maintenance and upgrading of the CIVL servers, operating systems, and

providing general technical support to UFV students operating in technical capacities

for CIVL’s day to day operations.

4. The annual NCRA conference is an excellent place for developing the skills and

abilities of CIVL volunteers and UFV students, and the second annual Station Manager’s

Summit this year in Ottawa is a perfect place to help CIVL define it’s operational goals

within the context of it’s rapidly impending financial growth. For these reasons,

funds have been earmarked with regards to the cost of sending one staff member to

the Manager’s Summit, and as many CIVL members as possible to the annual NCRC,

to be held this year in nearby Victoria. Estimates should put between 10-12 eligible

volunteers able to attend the conference as a result of the low cost of travel and

increase in CIVL finances this upcoming year.


Payment priorities of expected costs that are not negotiable will be secured in their

order of importance to maintain the station’s operations, as in all past years.

• The repayment expectations of the loan will be considered static, and at the

current repayment rate ($1,265/mo), the loan should be resolved in three years

(2017). Should capital or other expenses yield a surplus by this time next year,

excess funds should be considered for premature paying down of the CIVL RBC


• Insurance costs will rise by a minimum of $839 as per the addition of the

Abbotsford Heat onto CIVL’s Insurance Certificate. Minor adjustments in the

aggregate and individual claim liability of CIVL’s current two year insurance

contract are responsible for the 20% increase in Insurance costs over last year.

• Expenses for membership fees which include: licensing, certificates,

professional association membership fees (SOCAN, NCRA, AMARC, CRFC, …) and

societal fees such as royalties and tarrifs will also be increased as a result of the

percentage levied off of CIVL’s overall operational budget.

• Communication fees, which include: communications cabling, phone bill, …

will be considered static as comparable to average expenses of the last year.

• Office operating costs which include: office supplies, services such as

photocopying and postal, and office furniture will be estimated based on last

year’s actual expenditures, although over-estimating on the overall capital costs

of the above mentioned projects should allow for more expenses to be made on

the types of areas itemized here.


The January referendum will see CIVL increase it’s revenues by over 2.5 times,

ballooning to $177,000 or so through student fees, a budget line that was also up in

2013/14 by roughly 25% as a result of a restructuring of the times of year that student

fees are scheduled to be paid. This increase should even out as the 2013/14 year goes

on, and by 2015/16 CIVL should be receiving reliable month to month student fee


The official adjustment as a result of the referendum has individual UFV students

paying $7.85/semester towards CIVL operations, over $3/semester for each year past.


CIVL is in an unprecedented position.

For the first time ever, each expense associated with CIVL’s operational goals can be

increased dramatically for the coming year in order to better serve UFV Students and

the Fraser Valley community at large.

While the personal desire of staff to expand hiring and full time complement is

prevalent, the past due nature of CIVL’s waning technical abilities necessitates that

Capital Expenditures be dedicated towards extreme technical revitalization of CIVL’s

physical resources, an act that can be most effectively engaged in by it’s completion

taking place prior to the implementation of any further full time staff or permanent staff


While the cost of upgrading CIVL’s studios is a relatively static expense, the Chilliwack

expansion could potentially get somewhat expensive depending on how we can

mitigate our various options, and staffing increases themselves are of a more

permanent, annual nature.

The one outstanding possibility that has not thus far been addressed within this

report, is one that has never been formally communicated to CIVL, but should be taken

into consideration with regards to campus relations over the next year; The Student

Union Society, who has built a Student Union Building and, for the entirety of the

current tenure of CIVL’s Station Manager, welcomed CIVL into said building with a

turnkey space designed and developed for the purposes of housing UFV’s Campus and

Community Radio Society, may in fact turn around and demand some sort of rental fee

as cost of taking up residence within the SUB itself.

According to CIVL’s current Memorandum of Agreement with the University of the

Fraser Valley, CIVL is guaranteed space from the University in it’s current location.

Should rental costs for the new SUB development appear to infringe on CIVL’s ability to

expand in any of the other indicated areas above, remaining in the current CIVL space

could be a viable option.

2013 – 2014 CIVL Financial Accountability Options

A CIVL EGM will be needed, once again, for the summer of 2014 in order to receive

quotes for and appoint an auditor responsible for providing CIVL’s 2014/15 year end

financial review.

At the first UFVCCRS Board Meeting of the 2014/15 year, a new Treasurer will need to

be appointed as an officer in order to carry out the duties of researching and providing

quotes for this purpose.

Motion to Accept the Treasurers Report as presented



5. Proposed By-law Amendment

Motion to bring a bylaw amendment to the AGM for Part II Article 7 to note current


fee amount per semester * for students (7a) and annually for community members (7b).

*(Striking the word annual from 7a.)

Motion to approve



6. Elections of Board

Nominations Officer: Larry Portelance

Nominations received:

• Brandon Greaves

• Rajnish Dhawan

• Darren Ollinger

• Greg Aitken

• Jonathan Hughes

• Swinder pal Singh

• Beau O’Neil

• Greg Aitken

• Joe Johnson

• Robin Pittman

Ballot election for the 7 members took place resulting in the election of Rajnish Dhawan,

Jonathan Hughes, Greg Aitken, Joe Johnson, Robin Pittman and Swinder Pal Singh.

Motion to Adjourn



Next Board of Directors meeting: April 2, 2014 at 5:45 p.m.