March 26, 2012

CIVL Radio Board Meeting: March 26, 2012 called to 5:25 p.m.
1. Adopt Agenda
Motion to Adopt the Adgenda
Megan/Russel CARRIED
2. Approve Minutes as amended
Motion to approve the minutes
Apostrophy in motion it is not plural? Motion 3.1
Strike the 2nd and 3rd parapgraphs regardng discussion under 3.0
call to question
Dustin/ Abstain Quinn CARRIED
3. Election of Officers
The election of officers was sent out.
Darren as been nominated as treasurer
Greg has nominated himself as secretary
Dustin has nominated himself as chair
Motion to accept the election of Officers by acclimation
Sydney/ Johnny CARRIED
4. Referendum Update and Volunteering
Dustin has given some presentations regarding the referendum in classes. The cascade has reported that CIVL spreads the word about their refendum regarding the athletics referendum which has been positive. Spreading awareness regarding the referendum is the most important part of the work being done regardig this. As the board some mebers are feeling more positive regarding this referendum. Some students seem interested and others disinterested. The emails have been sent out regarding classroom visits. 20 and 35 classes will have been visited by Aaron and Kasey. Support is building from macs, athletics and the cascade, as well as social media working for this referendum.
discussion took place regaring spending time this week on referendum canvassing and sharing in social media.
5. SM Report
See Report – See Attached Document
6. New Business
Action Aaron to speak with faclitites regaridng our second parking pass.
Action to speak to dustin regarding a quartley meeting from MARCOM.
7. Adjourn
Motion to Adjourn
Megan/Johny CARRIED

Next Meeting 2 weeks from now:
April 10, 2012. Meeting Time 5:15 p.m.