March 27th 2017

UFV Campus and Community Radio Society

Board of Directors

Monday, March 27th, 5:00

UFV Abbotsford Campus


Attendance: Brandon Greaves, Pankaj Sharma, Sonja Klotz, Swinder Singh, Glen Swarnadhipathi, Aaron Levy (S.M.) Mitch (via phone until 5:09). Jonathan Hughes (5:09)

Greg Aitken (5:13), Eileen Mendez (5:29)

T.J. Tulloch (volunteer)


Regrets: Rajnish Dhawan, John Henderson,


Chair: Sonja Klotz

Minutes: Glen Swarnadhipathi


  1. Call to Order: 5:07

  2. Approval of Agenda

    1. Amendment suggested by S.M: Open-floor suggestion to be discussed in future meetings in time for future EGM/AGM instead of being brought forward at 2017 AGM.

    2. Panku motions. Unanimous. Passed

  3. Approval of Minutes:

    1. Jonathan motions. 3 approve/3 abstentions. Approved

  4. Reports & Updates:

    1. Station Manager’s report:

      1. Promotions TOR presented; to be reviewed by BoD for discussion next meeting.

    2. Programming Director’s report:

      1. Tabled due to P.D.’s illness.

    3. Executive’s report:

      1. Appendix A: Terms of Reference re: PA in SUB presented.

      2. Next inter-societal committee meeting to be held in April; TOR for committee to be discussed further

      3. Budget: Panku motions. Unanimous. Passed

    4. SUS Representative’s report:

  5. Business:

    1. In-Camera (Labour)

      1. Panku motions enters, unanimous, passed. (5:37)

      2. Exit in-camera (5:49)

      3. S.M. salary accepted, pending signing of new contract; to be written by Kuhn LLP.


  1. Open-floor

    1. Amended: to be discussed at Board prior to being brought forward at a future A/EGM.

    2. Glen to bring forward motion at AGM re: Bylaw 23 (quorum at A/EGM’s)

      1. Bylaw reads: 23. The quorum required for a general meeting of the Society shall be 1 per cent of the membership.

      2. Suggested amendment: 23. The quorum required for a general meeting of the Society shall be 0.5 per cent of the membership.

  2. Adjournment:Jonathan Motions. Unanimous (6:05)