May 2nd 2017

UFV Campus and Community Radio Society

Board of Directors

Tuesday, May 2nd, 5:00

UFV Abbotsford Campus

Attendance: Rajnish Dhawan, Sonja Klotz, Glen Swarnadhipathi, Eileen Mendez, Pankaj Sharma, Mitch Huttema, Greg Aitken, Brandon Greaves,

Regrets: Jonathan Hughes, T.J. Tulloch, Swinder Pal Singh

Chair: Sonja Klotz

Minutes: Glen Swarnadhipathi

  1. Call to Order: 5:10

  2. Approval of Agenda: Motioned(panku) unanimous

  3. Approval of March minutes: Motion (Mitch) unanimous

  4. Reports & Updates:

    1. Station Manager’s report:

      1. Grants:

        1. Mini-school nearly done, targets will be met, resources from workshops to be made available on website.

        2. FVMA Update:

          1. Didn’t get the CRFC grant for the FVMA, NCRA suggests writing to CRFC to appeal/advocate that standards be adjusted to meet stations with need.

          2. Abbyfest requests S.M. to book 5 hours of entertainment between 10-4. S.M. suggests using 2.5 hours for entertainment and 2.5 hours for FVMA presentation. To be held in November.

          3. Action Item: S.M to suggest further collaboration between FVMA and AbbyFest

        3. NCRC:

          1. Conference Coordinator hired, registration window closing. Volunteers needed. Mock schedule partially confirmed. Coordinator to complete schedule, tentatively next week. Atrium, Evered Hall and third floor conference room (SUB rooms) booked. Colloquium presenters confirmed despite SSHRC grant proposal being rejected. Satwinder Baines to chair the NCRA AGM. Speakers mostly confirmed/soon to be confirmed.

        4. Jam in Jubilee:

          1. Abbotsford Arts Council (AAC) requests support for event hosting, and Raspberry and Jam in Jubilee. Asking for Long & McQuade rental payment, and day-sponsorship for Jam in Jubilee.

            1. Action item:

        5. Concert Series:

          1. AAC E.D. to submit proposal about CIVL partnering with Concert Series soon.

        6. Offices & Tower

          1. New station furniture to arrive May 18th

          2. Proposal to be made to Freedom for CIVL to have space on the Tower.

          3. Engineering brief to be developed and submitted to the CRTC.

    2. Programming Director’s report:

      1. Attached

    3. Executive’s report:

      1. AGM notes

    4. SUS Representative’s report:

      1. Term over. SUS Bylaws still to be updated.

  5. Business:

    1. Board conduct brief:

      1. Email (Governance manual) to be sent to new board member

    2. Board of Director’s appointments:

      1. President – Glen Swarnadhipathi

      2. Vice – President – Sonja Klotz

      3. Remaining positions to be posted to Board at Large

    3. Promotions Committee Terms of Reference:

      1. Motion to table TOR until later date

    4. In-Camera

      1. Motion to enter (Brandon) Unanimous (5:59)

      2. Motion to exit (Eileen) Unanimous(6:28)

  1. Adjourn: Motion (Brandon) Unanimous