May 3rd 2018

UFV Campus and Community Radio Society

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

Room C1429, Abbotsford Campus

Attendance: Mitch H, Mitch T, Jonathan H, David M, Jennifer T, Aaron,

Call to order: 5:42

  1. Approval of Agenda

    1. John moves, Mitch seconds

    2. Unanimous

  2. Adoption of Minutes

    1. Mitch moves

    2. Unanimous

  3. PM Report

  4. SM Report –

    1. Assigning Officers

      1. President – Mitch H

      2. Vice-President – Eileen

      3. Treasurer – Mitch T

      4. Secretary – Jennifer

        1. David moves to approve the four officer nominations for this year’s executive.

        2. Unanimous

    2. MOA

      1. Mitch H moves that Jonathan, Aaron and Dustin be authorized to negotiate or otherwise coordinate MOA progress with UFV and report to the board when an agreement is ready for signing, for board review.

      2. Unanimous

    3. NCRC

      1. Jonathan moves for SM spend outside of approved budget, within reason, if required in order to send 3 CIVLians to NCRC37.

      2. Mitch moves for Eileen and Aaron to be authorized delegates on behalf of CIVL for voting purposes at NCRC37’s AGM in Fredericton.

    4. Indigenous Radio Cafe

      1. Mitch H moves to approve an average of $300 expense for Indigenous Radio Cafe’s for the remainder of the fiscal year.

        1. Discussion: Jenn – Taking this event off-campus occasionally, specifically to long houses, could be good engagement


    1. CHWK Tower Update

    2. Personnel (Programmer Discipline)

    3. Health Coverage

  1. New Business

  2. Adjourn – Mitch H moves to adjourn