May 8 2013

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 8 May 2013

Attended by Adam Nathe (Director), Sophia Suderman (Fundraising Coordinator), Swinder Pal Singh (Director), Jeff Stackhouse (Director), Russell Arbuthnot (President), Greg Aitken (Secretary), Aaron Levy (Station Manager).


1  Agenda

2  Minutes 16 April 2013

3  Fundraising Drive Update

4  NCRA Conference in Winnipeg 10-15 June

5  Grant Application

7  Memorandum of Understanding Update

8  Sound levels

9  Station Manager’s Report (abridged)

10   Adjourn

Call to Order 5:59pm, Russell.

1  Motion to approve the Agenda.  Moved by Swinder.  All in favour, motion passed.

2  Motion to adopt the Minutes of 16 April 2013 as presented.  Moved by Jeff.  All in favour except Adam who abstains, motion passed.

3  Raised $150 in pre-pledges.  Compiled sponsorship forms, fundraising manual, programmer training manual.  New hire Missy Spady, Volunteer Coordinator is finishing programmers manual.  Battle of the Bands starts this Saturday (47 submissions, 18 selected, 9 ballots); $4000 sponsorship plus media coverage.  Other events:  Drive-In Theatre, securing equipment WIP, film, popcorn popping machine, scouting locations.  Fraser Valley Music Awards looking for partners (Arts Council interest; The Reach contacted).

Sophia leaves the meeting 6:12pm.

4  Motion to go in-camera.  Moved by Adam.  All in favour, motion passed.

Motion to leave in-camera 6:23pm.  All in favour, back on record.

Action:  Russell to follow up with potential sponsor.  Note:  Russell’s concern over conflict of interest has been dismissed by the Board.

5  Motion to authorize Aaron Levy and/or Dustin Ellis to vote on behalf of UFVCCRS (CIVL) at Winnipeg NCRA Conference.  Moved by Russell.  All in favour, motion passed.

6  Summer hiring for grant applicants with Resonating Reconciliations documentary has begun.

BC Gaming Grant application underway by Aaron (for the purpose of purchasing equipment).  Second CRFC Grant Position application submitted, awaiting response.

7  MoA update by Aaron:  Nothing signed yet.

8  Discussion about uninstalling Winamp (Sydney’s idea (not present)) to promote set sound levels fails to win approval.

Action:  Aaron to promote/set standardized sound levels by notes/software locks.

9  Station Manager’s Report see attached brief revue.

10  Motion to adjourn until 5:45pm Wednesday 5 June.  Moved by Adam.  All in favour,  meeting adjourned 7:00pm.