November 18 2014

CIVL Board Meeting Minutes 18 November 2013 by Greg Aitken

Attended by Greg Aitken (Secretary), Jeff Stackhouse (Director), Sydney Lamirand (Director), Adam Nathe (Director), Johnny Komitoudis (Volunteer), Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Russell Arbuthnot (President)


1  Agenda

2  Minutes

3  Finances

     a.  Insurance/Heat update

     b.  Referendum – Shane Potter

4  Station Manager’s Vacation Request

5  Station Manager’s Report

6  New Business

7  Adjournment

Call to Order 5:52pm, Adam (meeting Chair).

1  Motion to approve the Agenda as presented.  Moved by Jeff.  All in favour, motion passed.

2  Motion to adopt the Minutes of 28 October 2013 as presented.  Moved by Jeff.  All in favour, motion passed.

3a  Insurance Agent confirms $839 surcharge for the Heat; Heat Representatives claim they paid $2000 extra on their insurance to work with CIVL and are not prepared to cover our surcharge.  Action:  Aaron to see that $839 is paid for additional insurance.

3b  Motion to plan a referendum to increase CIVL fees early in the upcoming Winter Session utilizing Shane Potter as Campaign Manager.  Moved by Russell.  All in favour, motion passed.

4  Friday 5 December and Monday 9 December proposed vacation days by/for Aaron.  Motion to approve vacation request by Station Manager.  Moved by Sydney.  All in favour, motion passed and Aaron encouraged to plan to make use of remaining allotment before eligibility expires.

5  Station Manager’s Report – see attached.

6  Action:  Aaron to troubleshoot and assess the cross-functionality of WinAmp.  WinAmp to be uninstalled permanently if sound level issues cannot be resolved.  Johnny attests to the relative ease with which Programmers can make the switch to Sam Broadcaster.

Notice: Heat Suite Christmas Party (14-20 people fit) to be scheduled.  This is an initiative of Sydney.

7  Motion to adjourn until 11 December 2013.  Moved by Jeff.  All in favour, meeting adjourned.