Oct 3 2012

Board of Directors Meeting October, 3, 2012:


1. Call to Order
2. Adopt the Agenda
3. Approve the Minutes of 1 August 2012
4. Station Manager’s Reprt
5. Chris Doyle of SUS & CIVL BoD
6. Year End Financial Review
7. Political Party Invite for Aaron
8. Committee Work
9. Adjourn

Meeting attendees: Greg Aitken (Secretary), Sydney Lamirand (Director), Kurtis Raymond (Work/Study Student), Shelley Stefan (Director), Adam Nathe (Director), Diego Barreto (Student/Programmer), Dustin Ellis (President), Aaron Levy (Station Manager), Russell Arbuthnot (Director)

1. Call to Order, Dustin

2. Motion to adopt the Agenda. Moved by Sydney, Shelley. All in favour, motion passed.

3. Motion to approve the Minutes of 1 August 2012 as presented. Moved by Adam, Dustin. All in favour except Sydney and Shelley who abstain, motion passed.

4. Station Manager’s Report – see attached

5. No action deemed necessary.

6. Draft Financial Review studied. Aaron to seek clarification on a few details from Agatha.

7. Aaron is free to be on the Constituency Association of a political party as a private citizen, not as a representative of CIVL Radio.

8. Dustin is networking to solicit assistance on the Policy Committee which currently consists of Dustin and Darren alone.

9. Motion to adjourn. Moved by Sydney, Dustin. All in favour, motion passed. Meeting adjourned until 5:30pm Wednesday 7 November 2012.